War is hell.” – U.S. Army General William Tecumseh Sherman
“Bellum omnium contra omnes” (“the war of all against all”) – Thomas Hobbes
“War – what is it good for? Absolutely nothing.” – Edwin Starr
“All we are saying is give peace a chance” – John Lennon
“People are people, so why should it be, you and I should get along so awfully?

__1)“War is “hell”, always wrong and evil. There is no moral justification for war. (good for “absolutely nothing”) Anyone who participates in it or supports it is a “war pig”, subject to the judgement of humanity and God (“war pigs crawling, begging mercy for their sins”) Any rational person knows war is wrong and senseless. Humans are “social” animals who should and can avoid war and live in harmony. War is preventable.

___2)Hobbes was correct. Conflict is an UNAVOIDABLE “FACT” of life, “the war of all against all.” Both “nature” and “human nature” involves the FOOD CHAIN. CONFLICT is an INHERENT part of “reality”. People are essentially “anti-social”, selfishly living in constant conflict with other people, in a state of chaos or anarchy. Given this “fact”, it is FOOLISH to think that nations can AVOID WAR.
PACIFISM (rejection of all war) is certain to lead to your own destruction on a world of unavoidable conflict.  Pacifism is a DANGEROUS “FEELING” that IGNORES the “FACT” of history.

It is UTOPIAN WISHFUL THINKING to think that humanity can AVOID WAR.
Tragically, war is an unavoidable part of human history. Even if an IMAGINED world had no nations, people would find ANOTHER EXCUSE to kill each other.
(or have some lunatic murder you in the doorway to your own house after you sign an autograph for him)

___3)Unfortunately, war IS good for something. War created our national independence, ended slavery, “saved the world for democracy” and protected our destruction from totalitarian tyranny intent on conquering our civilization. This is a SAD, TRAGIC “FACT” of HISTORY, BUT TRUE. Nations PROTECT us – from OTHER NATIONS – in this tragically “mixed up” world.

___4)War is the result of MISGUIDED NATIONALISM. “The People” get manipulated into fighting and dying for “their” country. Politicians are guilty of starting wars, but not fighting in them. (Rich man’s war, poor man’s fight). Reckless, irresponsible, evil and corrupt political elites are like the “pied piper”, leading the “mindless masses” in an evil and vicious “Symphony of Destruction”.
National “glorification” is a form of exploitation, used for sadistic gain by both power-mad leaders and the “hypnotized” masses called to “sacrifice” (“like pawns in chess”), Government and the governed mindlessly participate in war, foolishly ignoring its heavy costs and evil consequences. (“Satan laughing spreads his wings”)

__ 5)Nations need strong and effective political leaders to PREVENT chaos and anarchy. (“the war of all against all”) Leaders sometimes abuse power (tyranny), but strong and powerful leaders are a necessity and benefit for any nation.  The dangers of CHAOS are as BAD, if not WORSE than the dangers of TYRANNY. In our “modern” world, “the people” require “strong” government to provide what they need, not always what they want.

__6)Democracy (“people power”) is naturally expressed in nationalism. Nations provide a forum to practice SELF-GOVERNMENT.  The modern nation-state was designed to protect “RIGHTS”, bring “JUSTICE” and “EMPOWER” it’s individual citizens. Patriotism provides a sense of PRIDE, COMMUNITY and UNITY. Like anything, Democracy has a price or cost. The people have to be willing to sacrifice to get the benefits of nationalism. This sacrifice is noble and wise. Pacifists critical of sacrifice and service to their nation is unrealistic, disrespectful and irresponsible. Critics are hypocrites for enjoying the “blessings” of their nation without sharing its “burdens”. “Rights” come with “responsibilities”.

__7)The “ONE” song (METALLICA) character who stepped on a land mine and became deaf, blind, mute and lost both arms and legs was a victim of war, betrayed by a cruel and heartless society/nation that “used” and discarded him. He risked his life to defend a nation/state/society unable and unwilling to “fix” his “hellish” life.
The “one” was unable to “live”, but unable to die. LIFE was a “CURSE”, not a “BLESSING”. The Nurse was “merciful” to “assist” him with his suicide request.

___8)The “One” (Metallica) character’s fate was “tragic”. However, war is sometimes necessary. It is SAD, unfortunate, BUT war does bring benefits. War created American national INDEPENDENCE and SELF-GOVERNMENT.  War ENDED SLAVERY. War has “SAVED the world for democracy” against totalitarian tyrants. Life and freedom is (tragically) WORTH FIGHTING FOR. Paradoxically, war brings peace.  Peace through STRENGTH (e.g. “gunboat” diplomacy) often serves as a DETERRENT AGAINST WAR.  In this “tragic” world, war is good for something.  War is hell, but is SOMETIMES NECESSARY. Peace has been given a “chance”. Peace is not always possible.

___ 9)Militaries and their leaders are “war pigs”, evil and guilty for bringing about and profiting from death and destruction. At best, militaries are necessary evils The military and those who serve in it should never be “glorified”. At worst, they are “pigs” who achieve gain and profit by living in the “dirt/mud” of war, death and destruction. There is nothing positive or “heroic” as a result.

___ 10)Militaries provide necessary PROTECTION for a nation and its people. Militaries also serve as international “PEACEkeepers” around the world, preventing wars from starting in the first place. In a “tragic” world, militaries usually help prevent a “BAD” situation from becoming WORSE. Though their job is to inflict death and destruction when necessary, military service is an honorable profession, resulting in far more “good” than “bad”.

Military critics are hypocrites who enjoy the FREEDOMS, BLESSINGS BENEFITS of freedom without sharing or dismissing its BURDENS. Soldiers in the past and present have sacrificed and died for the protections that HYPOCRITICAL, DELUSIONAL CRITICS enjoy and take for granted today.