In the inaugural “W.B.A.” season opener, African-Americans who called themselves “Black Victims United) tied “Team ASIA-China”, a.k.a. “The Yellow Peril”, 0-0. …

though many “baskets” were scored, the new ZERO SUM scoring system resulted in a 0-0 score …

though the African-Americans scored many baskets, most were “canceled” due to controversial official-referee decisions … headed by official “crew-chief” Kamala-flaged Harris.

Many seeming “good” baskets were disallowed, all in the name of “EQUITY”.

Since the Asians were shorter, slow-er and not as skilled, AFFIRMATIVE ACTION” rules were invoked to “EVEN” things out.

When the African-Americans complained that such “rules” were inherently biased and ridiculously “un-fair”, delusional and demeaning, the Asians responded by saying, “Now you know how it feels when we apply to University of California schools with perfect S.A.T.s and still don’t get in despite your ‘ghetto-ass’ scores”.

“Screw your ‘affirmative action’ racket-con – we are asserting our new ‘woke’ ASIAN AFFIRMATIVE ADVANTAGE basketball scoring admissions policy. Now the shoe is on the other foot … chew on some reverse-reverse-discrimination, bee-ot####”)

While many seemingly good “Baskets” were scored by the African-Americans but “canceled” by game officials, most missed Asian shot attempts were still credited with points.

When the seemingly “confused” Blacks glared at Official Referee Crew chief “Kamala-flaged” Harris and stated “We thought you were on our side”, …

she reminded them of her state prosecutor record of sending many low-level young African-American males long-term to prison for smoking “pot”, despite her admission to being a pot-smoker herself, who unlike Bill Clinton, the nation’s first black president, INHALED.

Outraged African-Americans visibly protested the official “Young Black Men Thrown Under the Bus” rules invoked by Woke Referee “Kamala-flaged”, a.k.a. the “Joe Biden Crime Bill” effect.

African-Americans were visibly outraged by the two-faced and traitorous “Kamala-flaged”, who “goggled” and stated she was just a “home-girl” who listened to “hip-hop” … whose mom was a 19 year old from India and father was of Jamaican-descent whose family were slave holders. And who spent her adolescence in Quebec, Canada … and everybody likes Canadiens.

“Kamala-flaged” was in no way an incompetent, corrupt member of the government “ruling class” who “slept here way to the top” as a party “apparat-chick” and would do anything for POWER as a dictatorial demagogue.

In a case of “no blood, no foul”, one has to actually HAVE a soul in order to sell” be an “Uncle Tom Sell-out”. “Better to rule hell … power by any means necessary”, the soul-less sell out and WOKE “Warrior Princess” was quoted by reporters after the game.

Despite all the conflict, controversy and socialism-ist “Struggle”, the game ended 0-0, with the socialist, zero-sum game scoring resulting in “Equality in Misery”. The inaugural game was “successful”, with the “LEVEL-ed” participants playing to “level-ed” WOKE results.

A randomly-selected team member of “The [Asian] Yellow Peril” was selected for a post-game “interview”. He was “aero-planed” and interrogated in a Mao-ist “Struggle session” to “celebrate” the successful game result of “WOKE-basketball” and victory of “Cultural Revolution”.

Some American spectators looked shocked and perplexed at the whole affair, but was “reassured” when told, “Relax … that is always the way of “revolution” (French-Russian-Chinese) – which devours all “other” – before eating it’s own”.

“CELEBRATE ‘WOKE-supremacy” !!!

The African-African team leader, who claimed his name was ‘LeMoan Blames‘, protested and was ejected from the game and sent home to his $48 million mansion, the “real nice” one, not the other two ‘ghetto-ass” mansions he owns in the L.A. area, for which he paid in total $78 million for in racist America-KKKa.

Mr. “Blames” analogized his “victim” status as an “employee” working in almost “slave-like” conditions. He felt the need to decry the historic wrongs and legacy of “slavery”, ignoring the billion$ of profits the N.B.A. extracts from China, home of present day slave labor and concentration camps.

Suck up media hacks celebrated his “principled protests” and hypocritical virtue-signal-ing … supporting “camouflaged” fascists, Marxists and anti-Semites … celebrating “woke-supremacy” … “virtues” vices supporting social IN-justice mobocracy, malignancy and mayhem

After the disappointing game tie result, “LeMoan James” got his team coach fired and was able to successfully get home without getting shot by L.A. police.

Elsewhere in the city, black youth who called themselves “Bloods” were shot and killed by other black youth without fathers who claimed their name were “C.R.I.P.S.”, all victims of “systematic racism”. Apparently, they failed to “get the memo” that “Black Lives Matter”. Still, Mr. Blames voiced concern that his children might get shot by police.

Team China (The Yellow Peril) flew home, complaining of the whole affair in the inaugural W.B.A. season-opener, stating they would be starting their own “One Road, One Belt” World Basketball League.

The new Chinese-sponsored “One Road, One Belt” World Basketball league would include multiple franchises, including the “Wuhan Covid Kids”, the Uighur Concentration Camp “Klan”, the “Taiwan Traitors”, the “Hong Kong Protestors”, the “North Korea Nukes”, “Horn of Africa Horn-blowers”, the “Somali Serfs”, the San Francisco “Homeless and Hypodermics”, and L.A.”Woke-mob” and eventually, the American “Tributaries”.