by Janet Jackson

We are a nation
with no geographic boundaries
Bound together through our beliefs.
We are like-minded individuals,
sharing a common vision, pushing toward
a world rid of color-LINES

With music by our side
To break the color lines
Let’s work together
To improve our way of life

Join voices in protest
To social injustice
A generation full of courage
Come forth with me

People of the world today
Are we looking for a better way of life
We are a part of the rhythm nation
People of the world unite
Strength in numbers we can get it right
One time

We are a part of the rhythm nation

This is the test
No struggle no progress
Lend a hand to help
Your brother do his best

Things are getting worse
We have to make them better
It’s time to give a damn
Let’s work together come on





the “impossible DREAM”. vs. predictable NIGHTMARE

A Conflict of “Visions”: “TRAGIC” vs. “UTOPIAN” Worldviews


Today’s political and social divide is fueled by one’s “worldview”.

Views on certain issues surrounding the world and the nature of “reality” impact one’s views on politics.

Which ‘worldview”, TRAGIC or UTOPIAN, informs your politics ???


HUMAN NATURE (the problem of humanity)

limited “possibilities”; “constrained”


vast, unlimited “potential”; “unrestrained”

complex, “tragic” mix of good/bad,


humanity essentially good

virtues/vice, selflessness/selfishness human problems superficial, accidental, preventable

“flawed” humanity; pessimism


“hopeful” humanity, optimism

skepticism of “change” & “new” open to change (“despotism of custom” J.S. Mill)

“old”, unchanging, finite humanity


collective “transformation” towards “progress”

evil “universal” and inherent evil “unnecessary”, external and “preventable”

evil diffused throughout; “oppression” evil “specified’ – e.g. by guilty “oppressors”

exploitation, domination, prejudice capitalist exploitation, male domination, white racism

“Man is his own most vexing problem.” R. Niebuhr

SOCIAL POSSIBILITIES (the potential of human society)
“progress” is problematic, with a price


“progress” is possible
law of unintended consequences (problems) cures for social ills – e.g. poverty, homelessness

limited resources – insatiable “desires” (price)


“compassion” & “crusades” worth costs

“trade-offs that leave “unmet needs”


“solutions” to “cosmic” problems, conflict

spending on one goal means less for another (e.g. “adequate” health care, public “safety”)

past experience – resist negative precedents future – seek “positive” potentialities

make “best” of a “bad”/tragic situation – blessings in disguise.” Oscar Wilde

a world re-designed (social engineering)
“Raising humanity in one place, pulling it down in another.” O.W. Holmes

“The workers have nothing but their chains to lose” – Karl Marx

“We cannot change the nature of things “What seems to us as bitter trials are often and men … but must act upon them as best we can.” – Burke

___ 1)Human nature is “tragic” in that it is a hopelessly complicated mix of good and bad, “virtues” countered by “vices”, self-less-ness and self-ish-ness, logic and “facts” countered with feelings and the “irrational”. Humanity is its own most “vexing” or troubling problem.

The idea that dance music can bring people together to live in a utopian “Rhythm Nation” is WISHFUL THINKING.

___ 2)Humanity is essentially “good’, and can overcome life’s “superficial” imperfections.

One should be hopeful and optimistic about the humanity and its potential. Humanity is capable of change and transformation towards political “progress”.

The idea that dance music cn bring people together to live in a utopian “Rhythm Nation” is wishful thinking.

___ 3)”Evil” is a universal and inherent part of humanity. Exploitation, selfishness, domination and prejudice are universal “facts” of life.

Man’s IN-justice to man is “unfortunate”, but it is an “inherent” (internal) and “expected” part of the human condition. (the “food chain”)

___ 4)Evil is unnecessary, external and preventable by humanity. Evil is “accidental”, not inherent to humanity. I am an “idealist” when it comes to human nature, evils and the problems of history.

Evil can be eliminated.

It is not easy, but is possible.

___5)Tribal IDENTITY politics is evil, an insidious form of SEGREGATION

a captive-prisoner of the COLLECTIVE – “the Ghetto” is a source of PRIDE and BELONGING

___6)the CHOICE of “CONSCIENCE” is preference … independence from “the group”

Lose of “conscience” is the surest way to EVIL.


___7)Malcolm was guilty of perpetuating a mythological “utopian” (“nowhere”), half-baked and “CARTOONISH” view of SLAVERY, RACE and AMERICA.

Malcolm and others of his ilk do not even tell the story “correctly”.

The START in the MIDDLE, and NEGLECT and IGNORE the BEGINNING and END of the “STORY”.

These mythological misleaders ignore WHO “the ENEMY” IS … the beginning and “source” of the problem … THEMSELVES and OTHER PEOPLE “LIKE THEM”.

___8)America’s Critics fail to mention the “end” – HOW and WHO did the most to “END” SLAVERY?

Malcolm correctly OBSERVED the OBVIOUS racial wrongs of American history, BUT IGNORED how America is ALSO arguably the LEAST RACIST country in the world that ENDED SLAVERY and bring “CIVIL RIGHTS” to ALL peoples, regardless of race, not only in America, but around the world.

____9)America WAS born with BOTH the “ORIGINAL SIN” of slavery AND the universal PRINCIPLES of RACIAL “REDEMPTION” that best recognized and reformed the race problem MORE than any country in world history.

What other country was formed on the principle of “all men were created equal”?

What other country enshrined God-given “natural rights” as part of a
Constitutional “social contract” to ALL of its citizens with “CIVIL RIGHTS”?

What other nation fought such a costly, disastrous CIVIL WAR to END SLAVERY?

The 14th Amendment was a legal guarantee of “EQUALITY” and DUE PROCESS for all that served as a legal foundation for ALL “CIVIL RIGHTS” MOVEMENTS AROUND the WORLD.

America was formed on IDEALS that transcended RACE, RELIGION, ETHNICITY and other “prejudicial” and “discriminatory” practices of “IDENTITY” that the “racists” of today OBSESS about.

Thomas Jefferson owned slaves, but slavery existed in Africa BEFORE the white man showed up and still goes on IN AFRICA today, after “the white man” left.

____10)The historical OBSESSION with the “African Slave Trade” is itself PREJUDICIAL and “racist”, when slavery has gone on in ALL RACES, in ALL PARTS of the WORLD since virtually ALL TIME.

Malcolm X was guilty of historical “misrepresentation” regarding ISLAMIC RACISM and its role in the GLOBAL slave trade.

Thomas Jefferson “invented” and sent “Marines” to North Africa, a part of the world that had enslaved MILLIONS of white Europeans for centuries.

Muslims did not not enslave other Muslims but part took part in the Indian Ocean slave trade led by Muslim Arabs that enslaved millions of
Africans sold into slavery by their “fellow” Africans.

That is a sad, TRAGIC reality in the morally “mixed up” world of history.

Malcolm in Mecca portrays the Muslim World as anti-slavery “egalitarians” and portrays “Christianity” as pro-slavery oppressors when the whole anti-slavery ABOLITIONIST movement was led in large part by Christians.

Malcolm’s perspective is historically MISLEADING and “CARTOONISH”.

SOME Christians indeed did practice slavery, EXCEPT for the ones that did NOT, even the ones that helped END (abolish) it.

Malcolm is prejudicial and selectively “RACIST” in his “story-telling”.

The view that ONLY Britain and America ruthlessly and wrongly practiced it at one point in history, is is incorrect, “mythological” and even historically delusional and destructive.

The British-Americans ALSO did the most of ANY PEOPLE in HISTORY to END SLAVERY.

BOTH SIDES of the historical “TRAGEDY” need to be recognized, not some “mythological”, utopian (“nowhere”) misleading, hypocritical, politically-driven version of fake “reality”.

Ignorant, hypocritical racial “utopians” IGNORE the “tragic” realities of race and slavery in world history.

Thomas Jefferson owned slaves, yet wrote words that did more to END slavery in world history.

Today, All attempts to IGNORE AMERICAN RACIAL “IDEALISM” and replace it with racial “IDENTITY” are inherently “RACIST”, ideologically CONTRADICTORY and dangerously HYPOCRITICAL.

These foolish racial “utopians” preach “NOWHERE” that is in fact DYSTOPIAN.

Today’s “politically correct” abuse “race” and the issue of slavery as HISTORICALLY “IN-correct” DEMOGOGUES.

Replacing one form of “old” racism with a “new” form is not “PROGRESSIVE”.

Malcolm’s “Mythology” – the IRONY

Malcolm’s criticism and protest of America reveal him to be BOTH a great CRITIC of “AmeriKKKa” AND a “GREAT AMER-I-CAN”

Malcolm’s LIFE evidences BOTH racial SIN AND REDEMPTION.

An individual who was BOTH DENIED and GIVEN “OPPORTUNITY” in America.

Malcolm encountered both ALIENATION AND ACCEPTANCE in America.


CONFIRMATION AND a CONTRADICTION of everything he “protested” against.

Malcolm is taught in history in the context of “CIVIL” and/or “HUMAN” RIGHTS.

HOW did those things come about in history?

ANGLO-AMERICAN CULTURE SOURCED and SPREAD those “BLESSINGS”, despite the tragic “BURDENS” of history also involved. BOTH sides of the story need to be told.

Malcom’s life and philosophies are classic-ally “American”, despite his protestations of “America”.

Individual “conscience” as a God-given “natural right“, his teachings on SELF-SUFFICIENCY, RESPONSIBILITY and PROTECTION (guns), FREEDOM and SELF-GOVERNMENT in a “RELIGIOUS” CONTEXT … “children of God” …

the American community of “E Pluribus Unum” …  “Pilgrims” of the past or present on an “Exodus” seeking “A Promised Land“, destined to build a “City on a Hill” based on a “social contract” (Mayflower Compact) founded on “divine”, “eternal”, not human-sourced principles, laws and “justice”.

Malcolm was EMBRACED, NOT REJECTED in the iconic symbol of “American” society – HARVARD University.

Lastly, Malcolm’s DEATH and MARTYRDOM symbolizes BOTH America’s “great-ness” and the poisonous, self-destructive ways of those who criticize America.

Malcolm was MURDERED by HIS OWN “TRIBE”.

Who was Malcolm’s “Enemy”? – who VICTIM-ized MALCOLM?

“America” or some “Americans” … one’s “like him” … black … Muslim … “ghetto” prince and prisoner … not white … suburban … middle-class

The “tragic” part of Malcolm’s life as a MARTYR is his LIFE, LIBERTY and PURSUIT of HAPPINESS cut down by “haters” filled with grievance, anger and resentment towards Malcolm. To this day, Louis Farrakhan of the “Nation of Islam” claims Malcolm was out of necessity … ASSASSINATED as a “TRAITOR” to the “TRIBE”.

Was Malcolm’s idealism “BETRAYED” by the cruel, unforgiving “reality” of his “own”. The TRAGIC irony is that whose who claim “VICTIMIZATION” are the first to “victim-size” THEMSELVES. (“Redneck Culture”)

Malcolm was both a “PRINCE” and “PRISONER” of “the ghetto”.

A “CONFUSED” Malcolm failed to see “the ENEMY” – himself, others LIKE HIM, while AT the SAME TIME he “scapegoated” the “other” and “outsiders”.

To this day, blacks today in America are killed 93% of time by OTHER blacks.

Who exactly is “the enemy”?

SEGREGATED grievances mask a UNIVERSAL truth – we ALL suffer from a “human disease”.


Our individual, particular, prejudicial BIGOTRY MASK the INdiscriminate, universal BIASES.


Humanity is a tragic, SIN-ful mix of COMPASSION and CRUELTY.

A truly “tragic” HERO is someone who dies (finds demise) as a result of his OWN “strengths”. (Not by random “accident” … their is a CAUSE)

His “strength” was his “weak-ness” … his “great-ness” resulted in his downfall and demise …

The SAME “righteous” grievance, ager and resentment that FUELED Malcolm ended up being the “fuel” that killed him.

Ironically, was a “CRITIC” who CONTRADICTED the very things he criticized.

Malcolm was the “ANTI-HERO” who lived (and died) “HEROICALLY” and un-heroically …

both CRITIC and un-witting SUPPORTER-SYMBOL of “heroic” AMERICAN “EXCEPTIONALITY” and “GREATNESS”, the “World’s Last, Great Hope” terms of “civil rights”, respect and human “harmony”!

Malcolm captured both the CONFUSED “UTOPIAN” HOPE and “TRAGIC” HOPELESSNESS of this world.

Today’s race BAITERS abuse race to their own BENEFIT, profiting from the racial-grievance “industry”.

Publicly PROTESTING against “racism”, they hypocritically PROMOTE the very thing they claim to want to eliminate.

The last thing they want to do is destroy the source of their “power”. “Prejudice” is PROFIT-able!. What did Malcolm’s murderers yell before they shot him? – “Get your hands out of MY POCKET”.

Ironically, was Malcolm killed as a “sell-out” by “sell-outs”???

a former “HUSTLER and “RACKeteer” KILLED by HUSTLERS and “RACKETEERS” … a “utopian” killed by “tragic” sin … (and sinners)

Malcolm was a “utopian” who sought “Heaven on Earth” that tragic-ally ended in a dystopian NOWHERE.

Malcolm in his PURSUIT of God, was murdered and martyred by “Judas” betrayers who PLAYED God.