“Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There is NEVER a democracy that did NOT COMMIT SUICIDE – John Adams

“Men love darkness more than light”

“Why do the heathen rage and the people IMAGINE a vain thing”? – Psalm 2

UTOPIA … (Heaven on Earth)

Jonah Goldberg:Totalitarianism is the history of the quest to TRANSCEND the HUMAN CONDITION. The collective state will ‘CURE’ the problems we as humans all face.”

Barack Obama – “My individual SALVATION is not going to come about without a collective salvation for the country”.

“Rebirth” and “change” towards something “new” and “great”. The underlying mission and appeal of Nazism … was to create a NEW POLITICS and a NEW NATION committed to SOCIAL JUSTICE, radical egalitarianism and the DESTRUCTION of the traditions of the OLD ORDER.

The “TOTALITARIAN” TEMPTATION is the (vain?) attempt to REALIZE our RELIGIOUS “INTUITIONS” and establish them in POLITICAL INSTITUTIONS.  This ”world “mixed” with the “next” world – “HEAVEN” HERE ON EARTH

We need to RE-DEFINE what it MEANS to be a HUMAN BEING in the MODERN world, re-invogorate the sense of spiritual from the federal level on down. Re-discover or find our “new authenticity”, new sense of the spiritual in the public realm, giving people meaning … filling up their sense of the ‘RELIGIOUS’ through POLITICS.” – Hillary Clinton  

“Modern radicalism is FAITH in HUMAN REASON and the possible perfectibility of men. “Human nature in its essential qualities is good, not bad; generous, not selfish; pitiful, not cruel; sympathetic, not arrogant; GODLIKE in aspiration”
– Edward Bellamy

Fascists have a “FAITH” in STATE and government POWER in the pursuit of “progress”. Rousseau’s “general will” was always righteous because it was perfectly altruistic: the people acting for their own well-being. People had to be “forced” to be “free” by revolutionary society. The UNCONSCIOUS LOGIC is if the OPPRESSED keep acting together, the future will be virtuous. Their virtuous actions will necessarily reap virtuous results. The ends justifies the means. All true believers are thought to be selfless and virtuous. The utopian path into the “totalitarian” future will eventually “evolve” through collective rebirth and social engineering.


literally means NOWHERE. Progress brings Problems and comes at a Price. It causes good reason to be suspicions – “PROGRESS TOWARDS WHAT?”  You cannot have progress or improvement, unless you first identify where you are COMING FROM and then GOING.

“The study of history is a powerful ANTIDOTE to CONTEMPORARY ARROGANCE. It is humbling to discover how many of OUR GLIB ASSUMPTIONS, which SEEM to us novel and plausible, have been TESTED BEFORE, not once but many times and in innumerable guises; and DISCOVERED to be, at GREAT HUMAN COST, WHOLLY FALSE.”  – Paul Johnson

Utopian ideologies seek to RE-CREATE the GARDEN of EDEN … but CANNOT ESCAPE the FACTS of HUMAN NATURE – GREED, ARROGANCE and limitations of SELF.  Tragically, HUMAN NATURE is FLAWED. Critics DO NOT BELIEVE that we CAN BUILD a HEAVEN ON EARTH. Maybe a “civil” society, but not UTOPIA. Cynicism checks idealism, We should cautiously seek the do-able and good, not un-do-able and perfect.

G.K. Chesterton said nobody had any business to use the word “progress”. Nobody can be “progressive” without being INFALLIBLE. Never has there been an age that had LESS RIGHT to use the word ‘progress’ than we. The IMPOSSIBLE utopian world is NOWHERE.

Many DOUBTED that GOD had created heaven and earth, putting their FAITH that the heavens and the earth basically CREATED ITSELF. They weren’t sure HOW it WORKED and how it all STARTED, but were quite sure that everything has been constantly getting BETTER and will keep improving.

We WILL “EVOLVE” HIGHER and HIGHER, towards what, WE DO NOT KNOW. Humanity MADE ITSELF GODS, worshipping FALSE IDOLS in the “CULT” of “PROGRESS”.  Critics of UTOPIAN “FAITH” have good reason to be SUSPICIOUS – progress towards WHAT?

The road to HELL is paved with good intentions. Utopianism is a “BAIT and SWITCH”- its causes and crusades have resulted in history’s worst cases of destruction and disaster. NAIVETE and HUBRIS hypocritically HIDES a will to POWER. Utopian IDEALISM serves as BAIT to demand POWER, ignoring the REALISTIC dystopian switch that results. PROMISE of “HEAVEN” results in HELL.

But, potential utopian REWARDS outweigh any dystopian RISKS. The blind, UNCONSCIOUS LOGIC is if the “oppressed” keep acting collectively, their virtuous actions will necessarily reap virtuous results. The ends justify the means.

Yet, POWER CORRUPTS. Utopianism is a naïve, morally confused, relativistic and hypocritical worldview where the existential problems of EVIL and SIN are IGNORED and EXTERNALIZED in OTHERS, NEVER THEMSELVES. The godless demonize critics as heretics. Utopian social justice is used to JUSTIFY tyranny and oppression. “JUSTICE” justifies all sorts of INJUSTICE. “FEELINGS” will defeat “FACTS”.

Utopians IMAGINE simple solutions to complex problems, blind to the tragically problematic nature of life. Their “solutions” have UNINTENDED consequences.

Good and bad are hopelessly MIXED UP.

Utopians fight greed with envy, spend other people’s money, resist racism with racism of their own, intolerantly enforce tolerance, fight crime with lawlessness. Love is “tainted” with selfishness. Compassion begets cruelty. Socially engineered economic “security” creates dependence, debt and demise. Our education “dumbs us down”. Utopians are confused and blind to life’s tragic contradictions, flaws and hypocrisy. Their clueless, “upside down” worldview dangerously ignores the reality of DYSTOPIA – good intentions with disastrous results.


Utopians vainly IMAGINE social solutions to cosmic problems. A tragic world view recognizes “trade offs” when dealing with life’s tragic problems such as poverty, homelessness, crime, inequality, etc. Trade-offs recognize it is possible to remediate and reduce human misery, never entirely “solve” them.

Utopians see life’s possibilities for better, BUT ignore its tragic limitations,
our capacity for WORSE. There is no fully satisfactory “cure” to our human “disease”.

Much so-called advancements of “civilization” reflect the polar explorer Peary’s ILLUSION. He traveled north, but was astonished to find that he was much farther south than earlier. He toiled all day toward the north on an iceberg drawn southward by ocean currents. Humanity IMAGINES utopia through increasing mastery over the forces of nature. Yet human nature is unchanging.

“Mankind is his OWN most vexing problem” – Reinhold Niebuhr

The same old is just re-arranged. Utopian external perceptions hide our inherent, dystopian reality. Material and scientific “progress” is shallow and superficial. Utopian idealism (what should be) masks tragic reality. (how things are)