No, the Chinese government would NEVER LIE. Why should they? Better yet. What “motivation” do they have to “not lie”. Who or what what exactly are they “accountable” to?

As a “world leader” of present and future totalitarian terror and repression (one belt-one road), “China” has no reason to “lie”. Just ask Hong Kong, Tibet, Taiwan, Vietnam, India and “neighbors” in the South China Sea.

Everybody “lies” a little, so a little “moral relativism” is needed.

Historical evidence shows The West lies, therefore is “as bad” as Communist China today.

Remember what the “Good German” propaganda minister GOEBBELS said about lies and the mass media and creating a “nation of pigs”? Remember what Hitler said about propaganda and “heaven” and “hell”?

Lies? Maybe in retrospect the “Great Leap Forward” was NOT great. The Great Famine ONLY killed tens of millions. Oops. The Cultural Revolution succeeded at the coercion and “repression” of tens of million-billion under totalitarian Communist Party control.  It worked so well then that totalitarians in the today’s west are practicing it today.

Freedom, “natural rights” and voluntary “altruism” are gladly “exchanged” for Marxist “alienation”, conflict, coveting and conquest through the “Long March” of a national “struggle session” camouflaged as the fascist “will to POWER” (by any means necessary) – “unity” = surrender.

The Deng Communist Party “borrowed a little” capitalism to help “fix” an impoverished Mao-ist China. Stealing hundreds of millions worth in intellectual property through espionage and “gaming” global economic markets through the WTO resulted in massive economic growth.

The One-Child Policy was a huge success! Organ Harvesting and Deadly Global Virus-es “escaping” are ONLY “ACCIDENTS” and “fake news”.

Everybody “knows” POWER “corrects” and NOT “corrupts”. 

Fake “REALITY” suffers from a “little” fake news, “accidentally”, every “once in a while”.

As a Christian, I know the Chinese would NEVER punish and persecute ANY peoples like the Tibet-ans, Uyghurs or any minority on a mass scale. Anything or anybody that potentially can challenge political IDOL-atry is dangerous …

Everybody in the China-dominsted global community “knows better” … the West as the true “danger” to the world. Freedom and Democracies lead to SUICIDE. Revolutions eventually eat their own – after devouring all “other” in self-sacrifice, power and blood-lust.

This only “goes back” to the Tower of Babel – divine “intervention” unleashed to protect humanity – from ITSELF … restraint to do attempt anything they “imagined” …

Marx “forgot” to mention any of this in his “divine dialectic” … preferring “Hegel” to the “Lord of Hosts” … Marx with his diabolical and dystopian “agenda” of overthrowing God and destroying capitalism … thankfully, there are never [socialist] suckers born every minute … who prefer totalitarian EQUALITY in MISERY and hate freedom …

thanks China for adopting modern “perversions” of historical “dialectic” !!! towards global domination …

the “worst” of “both worlds” – the ORIENT meets “ORWELL” …

A little “scapegoating” never hurts. Maybe now that that “ORANGE-HAIRED MAN … BAD” is “gone”, things will return to “better” through “the Swamp” of American elite “sell-outs” (Western “appeasement“) and Chinese “political animals” of global leadership and domination.

POWER usually “works” in history. Most are easily distracted by “RED-HERRING” shiny metal objects and “RACKETS” (organized crime) which “camouflage” the will to POWER.

beyond “double-speak” … 1 = 1 = 2 … “racist”-correct-speak … 1 + 1 = orange


All hail “Chairman-Emperor JI and “BEIJING BIDEN” !!!

Some “Friendly Advice” – start learning some MANDARIN !!!

Thank God .. (oops, “Jehovah” will eventually be “outlawed”, God and religion will be a “hate crime”) … thankfully, “The Party” (politically”correct” IDOL-atry is “KING”) !!!

Marx replaced the “OPIATE” of the masses (religion) with the OPPRESSOR of the Masses … the God of Government … the IDOL of Equality … replaced the sin of “greed” with the horror of “envy”

… a “FUTURE” of CHINESE “LEADERSHIP” !!! … ??? our new “sacred cows” …

oops … sorry for the historical Mixed Metaphors … India and China …

China becoming the “new” ancient Chinese “secret” … ouch … again



There IS an “alternative” to our “modern” narrative[s] …

Some “Good News” to “Set the Captives Free” …

It is called “GOD’s WORD” – deceptive … yet true … on the “surface” seemingly “sad” buy joyous … beyond tragedy … victory in a losing & lost world …