The book and movie Frankenstein is a commentary on the INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION.  Dr. Frankenstein is a man of SCIENCE. The “monster” he creates represents MACHINES.

1)Dr. Frankenstein’s experiment and curiosity were “natural” and “normal”.  Humans should seek to solve the “mysteries of creation.” Explain in one or two complete sentences:

2)Dr. Frankenstein was a disgusting fool. Stealing dead bodies and trying to solve the “mysteries” of life and death is. Unnatural and “asking for trouble.” Explain:

3)Are people “BORN” EVIL OR is evil LEARNED and a PRODUCT of one’s ENVIRONMENT? Explain:

4)Frankenstein was your stereotypical “MAD” (crazy) SCIENTIST, willingly isolating himself from his loved ones.  Technology and machines ISOLATE and DEHUMANIZE people. Explain:

5)Frankenstein was attempting something noble and beneficial. Knowledge requires dedication and devotion. Humans (like Prometheus). have a “duty” to pursue learning, knowledge and “progress”.  Explain:

6)Frankenstein was a megalomaniac, messing with nature, trying to be something he is not – God.   By imitating God, he was defying God.  A little knowledge is more dangerous than no knowledge. Frankenstein was a fool for not recognizing the LIMITS of knowledge and science.  Explain:

7)People’s fear of the monster was based on an ignorant and irrational fear of the unknown. People are often “paranoid”, thinking someone is “out to get them”. Explain:

8)It’s “natural” to fear the unknown.  The little girl’s death was the result of a naïve and innocent (lacking knowledge) trust in a total stranger that led to her destruction. Explain:

9)Who’s “fault” was the little girl’s death? The monster’s? The little girl’s? Dr. Frankenstein’s? Her father’s? Explain.

10)Frankenstein’s father was too skeptical (critical unbelieving) and a case  of willful ignorance and wholesale rejection of science. His father and people in general are resistant to change and progress, to their own loss.  Explain:

11)Frankenstein placed a “BLIND FAITH” in SCIENCE.  He was “willfully” ignorant of the DANGERS his father warned him of. He was a FOOL who failed to realize there could be unintended and unforeseen problems and dangers that could occur as the result of his experiment.  Explain:

12)Who is responsible for the monster becoming bad or evil?   Dr. Frankenstein?  Igor?  Society?  The monster itself?  Explain.