History through Music

EXPLOITATION: USE of one or something for the benefit of another;
an UNEQUAL relationship some (the strong) taking advantage of another (the weak)

This is a course in World History. Understanding “history” requires understanding of “the world”.

“Biology” studies “life” and “NATURE” (e.g. cells, organs).
HUMAN NATURE or the “humanities” goes BEYOND the material world into the “abstract”. Psychology and/or sociology are used to explain “the world”.
Biology, psychology and sociology INTERSECT in reality.

In an attempt to better understand “World History”, it is helpful to study and analyze “nature”, “human nature” and their relationships to “history” of “the world”.

The following is an analysis of EXPLOITATION.

To what extent is exploitation “WRONG”, a VIOLATION of “IDEALS” that CAN and SHOULD be ELIMINATED.

OR, is exploitation a “FACT” of life, an INHERENT, UNpreventable and “real” part of nature, the human condition and history?


___ 1)Human beings have an innate sense of “justice” and right and wrong.

People and nations exploiting each other is wrong, breeding INJUSTICE and UN-fairness in the world.

Exploitation can be prevented because of humanity’s MORAL nature. Progress is possible – we have a capacity to make life better, to separate good from bad.

___2)Exploitation is a fact of life. The reality of life is that we ALL use each other on certain levels. Exploitation is BOTH NECESSARY and NATURAL on some levels.

Life is TRAGICALLY “MIXED UP” – good and bad, love and hate, pleasure and pain.

A “utopian” view that we can stop exploitation is naïve, simplistic wishful thinking.
Song – “TURN the PAGE” (by Bob Seger, covered by Metallica)

___3)The woman had a legitimate desire to fulfill her dream to be an “entertainer”,using her talent and “strengths” to make her life better.
Her pursuit of fame, wealth and “pursuit of happiness” is understandable.  Entertainers are “unique” people who use their special talents to make the
world a “better place” for ALL involved. There is a reason shows like “American Idol” and the like are hugely enjoyable and popular.

___4)The woman was a fool to follow a dream that inevitably became a nightmare.

She was in DENIAL towards her self-destructive behavior. She selfishly endangered her daughter’s well being, abusing both her child and herself in the process.

Seeking heaven, she ended up in hell. The path to heaven is paved with good intentions.

___5)Pornography is a social evil. “Exotic dancing” and prostitution is clearly wrong and immoral. The lives of many women and children are ruined as a

Sex is a “natural” (pleasure) and necessary (reproduction) part of life. Sex is tragically twisted into INHUMANITY and exploitation.

__6)The Greek word “PORN” literally means to “EXPORT for SALE” or SELL.

“Porn” literally defined as generic “EXCHANGE” is COMMON in ALL forms of life.

We ALL “SELL” ourselves at times. For example, the television news exports information for sale. Musicians sell music.

“Exchange” is an inherent part of human nature and the world.

Everything and anything is “for sale” in this world.

Since sex is a natural human instinct, pornography and prostitution (the world’s oldest profession, besides farming) will NEVER END.

The REALITY of this “TRAGIC” world is “SEX SELLS”.

___7)I feel bad for the woman and her child.What happened to her was not right.

She was a VICTIM of SOCIETY, fighting a losing battle in her “pursuit of happiness”.

___8)I do not feel bad for the woman. She was a VICTIM of HERSELF.
She sought to exploit her sex appeal for gain, only to become victim of violence and sexual exploitation.


She created her OWN MONSTER, became her OWN WORST ENEMY.

___9)Entertainers have a difficult life. Their “uniqueness” leads to “alienation”. The price for their stardom often leads to drug abuse and other self-destructive behavior. They are exploited “products”, their talents “used” by a public that does not appreciate the difficulties they go through on their way to “stardom”.

A cruel and fickle public enjoys someone’s “stardom”, and throws them away when they get tired of them.

___10)It’s laughable when entertainers complain of “exploitation” and  “alienation”. They can’t “have their cake and eat it”, enjoying all the benefits of fame and wealth, yet whine about their celebrity “problems” and their sense of being “victims” of society.

They enjoy the “benefits” of stardom. All progress has a price or cost that brings problems. We all deal with this. That’s the price for being. “different”. Stars are just like all of us “regular” people – they need to deal with the “realities” of life.


song – “WELCOME to the JUNGLE”
__11)The human condition and the world is like “the Jungle”. Life encompasses “Social Darwinism” – SURVIVAL of the “fittest” (strongest) People are
“animals” living in a state of nature. The STRONG SURVIVE and the WEAK SUFFER. That is “natural”.

Life can be CRUEL, but that’s a “reality” of life.

__12)People are not just “animals”. Humanity’s MORAL capacity recognizes  that there is SOMETHING WRONG with the exploitation and suffering of
fellow human beings.

People have the capacity to transcend conflict and suffering and live in harmony.

__13)Life is “UGLY”, in a state of constant conflict. (“We learn to live like an animal in the jungle where we play”)

Progress” is an illusion – things “get WORSE, any better is negated by its heavy price and unintended consequences or problems that result.

__14)Paradise or “utopia” is possible.

Singer Axl Rose of Guns n Roses got rich and famous from being a rock star. He’s probably sitting in his mansion in the hills right now, living the “good life”, while we are “stuck” living and struggling down here in “The Jungle”.

Axl used the “tragic” nightmare of “The Jungle” to find his dream “utopia” in “Paradise City”.


____15)Exploitation of NATIONS by other nations, what is called “IMPERIALISM” is wrong.

The “WILL to POWER” exhibited in the ethic of CONQUEST, inspired by greed, domination and imperial control and exploitation of others is an obvious source of wrong, injustice and evil in history.

Humanity has the capacity to end or at least LIMIT it.

People/nations should be idealistic, live in “harmony” and “get along”.

___16)Eliminating imperialism and “exploitation” is “wishful thinking”.

The whole world is in a state of conflict and competition, where the strong survive and the weak suffer. The whole world (individually and collectively) is engaged in “porn” – selling and “exchange” for one’s own INTEREST, BENEFIT and ADVANTAGE.