from “Liberal Fascism”   by Jonah Goldberg

The youth must wrest CONTROL of society from their elders – universities had to become incubators of revolutionary social action

Since Plato’s Republic, politicians, intellectuals and priests have been fascinated with youth.


Control and indoctrination of youth is done to the PURPOSES and ENDS of the STATE.

Jonah Goldberg: The liberal CULT of CHILD is instructive in its similarities to fascist thought.

Children, like youth, are driven by passion, feelings, emotion, will.  Youth represents theglories of ‘UNREASON’. 

These sentiments are deeply tied to the NARCISSISTIC populism 

that celebrates the instincts of the masses. “I want it now and I don’t care if it’s against the rules’ is the quinessentially childlike populist passion.

Fascism is a form of populism because the LEADER forges a PARENTAL BOND WITH HIS  CHILDREN.  Without the emotional bond between the leaderand ‘the people’.   Fuhrer and volk, FASCISMis IMPOSSIBLE.  “’I’m on your side’, ‘I’m one of you’, constitutes the salespitch of  every fascist and populist DEMAGOGUE. Or as Willie Stark says to the nurturing crowd in all the king’s men: ‘your will is my strength. Your need  is my justice.   Arguments, facts, reason: these are secondary.

Fascism “captures”children for social engineering purposes.  “Governmentis the true parent of the child”.

The Jesuit educational maxim was, ‘give me a child until he is seven and I will give you the man”.  

Hitler stated,  “Your child belongs to us already.  You will pass on. your descendants … now stand in the new camp.  In a short time they will know nothing but this new community”.

The state took the place of the anti-organic, contra-evolutionary influences of  the family.

The home would no longer be seen as an island, separate from the rest of society.

Robespierre  advocated that children be raised by the state. 

American educator and reformer John Dewey, author of “Democracy and Education” (1899), led a campaign to turn American public education into a propaganda mill for international socialism, getting them away from their parents, into “state” control and direction.   

Dewey stated,  “Children who know how to think for themelves  spoil the harmony of the collective society, which is coming where everyone is interdependent.

According to theU.S. Bureau of Education, “The public schools exist primarily for the benefit of the staterather than the benefit of the individual.   

“Progressive” John Dewey introduced theGermanideal and practice of KINDERGARTEN to America.  Kindergarten (german “child garden”) was to SHAPEthe APPLES BEFORE THEY FELLfrom the TREE.  

American reformers were impressed with the patriotic indoctrination of young children, especially to weed out the un-American traits of immigrants. 

One of the core tenets of kindergarten was the dogma that the STATE is SOVEREIGN over the FAMILY.

Our problem is not merely to help the students to adjust themselves to world life, but to make them as  unlike their fathers  as we can.”  – Woodrow Wilson


Educationin the third reich served to indoctrinate students with the national socialist world

View.  Nazi scholars and educators glorified Nordic and other “Aryan” races, while denigrating

Jews and other so-called inferior peoples as parasitic “bastard races” incapable of creating

culture or civilization.

After 1933, the Nazi regime purged the public school system of teachers deemed to be jews or

to be “politically unreliable” most educators, however, remained in their posts and joined the

National Socialist Teachers League.  97%of all public school teachers, some 300,000 persons,

had joined the league by 1936. In fact, teachers joined the Nazi party in greater numbers 

than any other profession. In the classroomand in the Hitler Youth, instruction aimed to

produce race-conscious, obedient, self-sacrificing germans who would be willing to die for

Führer and Fatherland.

Devotion to Adolf Hitler (fascist cult of personality”) was a key component of Hitler Youth t

raining. German young people celebrated his birthday (april 20) -a national holiday –   for

membership inductions.  German adolescents swore allegiance to Hitler and pledged to serve 

the nation and its leader as future soldiers.

Schools played an important role in spreading Nazi ideas to German youth. While censors

removed some books from the classroom, German educators introduced new textbooks that

taught students love for Hitler, obedience to state authority, militarism, racism, and antisemitism.

Schools played an important role in spreading Nazi ideas to German youth while censors removed some books from the classroom. German educators introduced new textbooks that taught students love for Hitlerobedience to state authority, militarism, racism andanti-semitism.

From their first days in school, German childrenwere imbued with the cult ofHitler.  His portrait was a standard fixture in classrooms. textbooks frequentlydescribed the thrill of a child seeing the german leader for the first time.  Board games and toysfor children served as another way to spread racial and political propaganda to german youth. toys were also used as propagandavehicles to indoctrinate children into militarism

The  “HITLER YOUTH” GEARED CHILDREN to SERVE the STATE – ”HE ALONE, WHO   OWNS  the YOUTH, GAINS the  FUTURE”. Hitler stated,“I beginwith the young.    We older ones are used up but my magnificent youngsters!  Are there finer ones anywhere in the world? look at all these men and boys! what material! with you and i, we can make a new world.” 
Nazi educators embraced SELF-ESTEEM and  EMPOWERMENTin the name of  SOCIAL JUSTICE.  Historically, fascism is of necessity and by design a form of YOUTH

MOVEMENT, and ALL youth movements have more than a whiff of fascism about them.

Exaltation of passion over reasonaction over deliberation, is a NATURALLY YOUTHFUL  IMPULSE.  Treating young people as equals, ‘privileging’ their opinions precisely because they lack experience and knowledge, is an inherently fascist tendency because at its heart lies th eurge to throw off ‘old ways’ and ‘old dogmas’ in favor of what the nazis called the ‘idealism of the deed”.  (Fascist “action”)

Youth politics – like populism generally – is the politics of the TANTRUM and the HISSY FIT.  The INDULGENCEof so-called youth politics is one face of the sort of cowardice andinsecuritythat leads to the triumph of barbarism.

While the Nazis often paid homage to the family.  Inpracticethe Nazis “invaded”  the family to break it’s “autonomy”. The “traditional” familyis the enemyof “totalitarian” collectivism.Parents complained:  “we no longer have rights over our children”.  Their children became strangers, contemptuous of monarchy or religion, ”barking and shouting like Prussiansergeants”,  according to historian Michael Burleigh.

hitler: “your child belongs to us already… you will pass on. Your descendants … now stand in the new camp … in a short time they will know nothing but this new community”.

Hitler rejoiced that he stole the hearts and mindsof youth, transforming universities intoincubators of  activismfor the fatherland.  Denunciationsof parents by children wasencouraged.  Teachers assigned student essays  –  what does your family talk about at home?  The nuclear family was the institution  most resistant to political indoctrination, control andindoctrination of youth to the ends of the state.

“There are few things more dishonorablethan misleadingthe young.”  – Thomas Sowell

“the youthmust wrest control of society from their elders” – tom hayden

Fascists REJECTED the “COLD LOGIC” of their PARENTS and “CORRUPT” TRADITIONSof society.


Are fascists  “slaves”  to their ownpassions and selfish “will to power”?

The VANGUARD of the REVOLUTION would be the NEW BREED of SUPERMAN–“The PLEBS, who are excessively Christianized and humanitarian, will never understand that a higher degree of EVIL  is NECESSARYso that the SUPERMANmight THRIVE.

Mussolini: “the Superman knows REVOLTALONE.

EVERYTHING that exists must be DESTROYED. 

Even before the Nazis seized power, student radicalswere eager to CHALLENGE the stodgy  conservatism of German higher education, which CHERISHEDclassically liberal academicFREEDOMand the authority of  SCHOLARSandTEACHERS.A wave of Nietzschean pragmatism swept across Europe, bringing with it a wind thatblew away the STALE DOGMAS of THEIR PARENTS’ GENERATIONrevealingNEW WORLD to be seen with FRESH EYES.

The Nazis told YOUNG people that their ENTHUSIASMshould NOT BE RESTRAINED  through academic study– rather, it should be INDULGEDthrough political ACTION.  

Let us read NO MORE of JEWISH SCIENCE andFOREIGN ABSTRACTION, they cried. … learn of Germans and warand what we can DO for the NATION!

INTUITION– which young people have in abundance – was MORE IMPORTANT than KNOWLEDGEand EXPERIENCE, insisted the radicals.  Universities had to become

incubators of revolutionary social action.


“TERROR” as an expressionof the“WILL to POWER”

Princeton SDS 1967 meeting delegate –   “i’m a nihilist!  i’m proud   of it, proud of it!”

Jonah Goldberg: “Youth represents the GLORIESof ‘UNREASON’.  These sentiments are

deeply tied to the NARCISSISTIC POPULISM that celebrates the instincts of the masses.

“’I WANT IT NOW and I don’t care if it’s against the rules’is the QUINESSENTIALLY CHILDLIKE populist passion.  The only way to “REVOLUTIONIZE YOUTH” was to have “a series  of    life and death conflicts”.  Fascist violence was based on the CULT of UNREASON, lust for action, and craving for “authenticity”.

Without the emotional bond between the leaderand ‘the people’. fuhrer and volk, fascismis Impossible.  


ROMANTICISMVS REALITY.  Fascists praised the young for their physical strength and honored them for their idealismand spirit ofself-sacrifice– qualities, they said,that were often lacking in their elders.  Fascists often presented their cause in generational terms.

As Goebbels declared, “the OLD ONES don’t even want to understand that WE  YOUNG PEOPLE even exist. they defend their power to the last.  But one day they will be defeated after all. YOUTH finally must be VICTORIOUS.

De Jouvenel described fascism as a “revolution of the BODY”that reflected YOUTH’s HUNGER FOR DISCIPLINE, EFFORT, COMBAT andCOURAGE.  The young, who lovedstrong and slender bodies, vigorous and sure movements, [and] short sentences,” consequently DETESTED MIDDLE-AGED, pot-bellied liberals and café verbosity.

Fascist educators emphasized character building over intellectual growth, DEVALUEDthe TRANSMISSION of INFORMATION, inculcated BLIND OBEDIENCE to AUTHORITYand DISCOURAGED CRITICAL and INDEPENDENT THINKINGTHAT CHALLENGED FASCIST IDEOLOGY –  romanticism (feelings)vs reality (facts)

According to Nazi writer Herman Klaus, the teacher“is not just an instructor andtransmitter  of knowledge.… he is a soldier, serving on the cultural and political   front of NationalSocialism. For intellectuals belong to the people or they are nothing.  Theultimate aim of


As the Nazi minister of  culture wrote, “the national socialist revolution has substituted for the humanistic conception of culture asystem of education which develops out of the fellowship of actual battle.

TEACHERS who DID NOT PRACTICE THESE PRINCIPLES or who appeared skeptical of Nazi “idealism” were subject to DISMISSAL, often as aRESULTof REPORTS by STUDENT INFORMERS.

Princeton SDS 1967 meeting delegate – “TACTICS?it’s too late … let’s BREAK WHAT WE  CAN.  Make as many answer as we can.  TEAR THEM APART” 

Jonah Goldberg: The preference for arousing passion at the expense oftruth and reason defined the agenda of those fighting in the trenches.  The practice of “LYING FOR JUSTICE”

was acceptableand infused into the movement.  For most of the activists, deceitwas not the point.


“I use emotionfor the manyand reserve reason for the few” – Adolf Hitler

“UNIVERSAL EDUCATION is the most corroding and DISINTEGRATING POISON that liberalism has ever invented for its OWN DESTRUCTION– Hitler

Alinsky did not write his little book of  Rules For Radicalsagainst the tsar of Tussia, nor against mob demagogues in general.  Alinsky became  the hero for otheragitators – people who used tocall themselves ‘communist agitators

Starting with the huge expansion of the U.S. college campuses in the 1960s,saul alinsky’s rules for radicals WENT VIRAL. 

Middle-class kids WITH NO PERSONAL EXPERIENCE of poverty or suffering – compared to blacks in thesouth and the Jews and others in Europe and Asia – all went around with Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals in their backpacks. 

Radicalism became romantic. Alienated and ignorant kids yearned to become che guevara and kill the capitalists.  That’s how RICH KIDS like Bill Ayersand Bernardine DohrnLEARNED THEIR THEOLOGY.  It’s how they became heroes in their own eyes.   

The persecutedbecome the persecutorpickthe target, freezeit, personalizeit and polarizeit

“those children of wealth worshipped men of violence,  and sanitized them – che, mao, fidel, carlos the jackal, ayers, mumiah,      the list goes on”

The Reverend JEREMIAH WRIGHT preaches MOB incitement. Take the RAGE THAT PEOPLE  FEEL and direct it to the most convenient human victim.”

“jeremiah wright started life as a black muslim, as he tells it, and then studied black liberation theology. what’s blt?  well, pope benedict says it’s a cover name for marxism. in this case, racial marxism ”lenin whipped up the bolshevik mobs to kill the kulaks

It doesn’t matter whereyou direct the rage.

Jonah Goldberg: The President was MANHANDLED by a FASCIST GOON in front of an audience made up of the campus community.  Events came to a climax when students took over the student union and local radio station.  Armed with rifles and shotguns, they demanded an ethnically pure educational institution staffed and run by members of their own race.

When it was suggested that those who opposed their agenda might be killed, most of the ‘moderates’ quickly reversed course and supported the militants.

Eventually the fascist thugs got everything they wanted. The authorities gave in to their demands.The few who remained opposed QUIETLY LEFT the university.

Where did this happen? the University of Berlinin 1932? Milanin 1922? good guesses.  

This happened at CORNELL in the spring of 1969.  Paramilitary black nationalists under the banner of the  Afro-American Society seized control of the university after waging and increasingly aggressive campaign of INTIMIDATION andVIOLENCE.

The PUBLIC EXCUSE of the armed seizure of the Cornell student union was a cross burning outside a  black dorm. this was later revealed to be a HOAX orchestrated bythe black radicals themselves in order to provide a PRETEXT FOR THEIR VIOLENCE.

This Reichstage fire tactic worked perfectly, as the gun-toting fascist squadristi stormedstraight hall in the predawn hours, rousting bleary-eyed parents who were staying there forparents weekend.

These bewildered souls who had the misfortune to bankroll the educations of the very gun-toting scholarship students now calling them ‘pigs’ were forced to jump from a three foot high cargodeck into the freezing Ithaca rain.

THIS is NAZISM in ITS WORST FORM”, declared  a mother with breathless, if understandable,  exaggerationin it’s strictly political dimension, there is no denying that themovement’s activist core was little more than a FASCIST YOUTH CULT.

indeed themovement of the 1960s may be considered the THIRD GREAT FASCIST MOVEMENT of the 20thcentury.

they were an avant-garde movement that sought to REDEFINE not onlyPOLITICS but HUMAN NATURE ITSELF.  

Black Liberation, revolutionary’ violence was always justified so long as you insisted thatthe bloodied corpse had somehow been an accomplice to OPPRESSION.


The BLACK POWER  MOVEMENT   from “Liberal Fascism”   by Jonah Goldberg

“Over the generations, black leaders have ranged from noble souls to shameless charlatans.” – Thomas Sowell

Jonah Goldberg:Black athletes raised their FISTS in protest at the 1968 Olympics. The image was entirely derivative of FASCIST aesthetics”. The FIST is the synthesis of our theory” – anItalian fascist in 1920.

By the end of the decade, the civil rightsmovement had for all intentsand purposes become a black POWER movement.  

BLACKPOWER, with its clenched fistsafro-pagan mythology, celebration of VIOLENCE, emphasis on racial PRIDEand disdain for liberalism was arguably america’s most authentic indigenous fascism.  

In it’s strictly political dimension, there is no denying that the movement’sactivist core was little more than a FASCIST YOUTH CULT.

Indeed the movement of the 1960s may be considered the third great fascist movement of the 20thcentury.  

Stokely Carmichael – at one time the ‘prime minister’ of the black panther party

Himself  DEFINED BLACK POWER(a term he originated) as a movement that will SMASH EVERYTHING WESTERN CIVILIZATION HAS CREATED.  

CARMICHAEL SHARED HITLER’s DREAM of building a folkish racial state upon the ashes of the  old order. When one reads the racial indoctrination taught to the children ofNazi Germany, it’s difficult to see the difference between Carmichael’s BLACK pride and Hitler’s GERMAN pride.

What is the first commandment of every national socialist – love germany above all else and your ethnic pride as your self” stated a  nazicatechism.  The connections between black nationalism and nazism, fascism and other supposedly right-wing racist groups are not merely rhetorical – or recent.

VIOLENCEhas been a part of nearly ALLrevolutionary movements.  Fascists inherently REJECT the PAST in their quest to build a UTOPIAN FUTURE, PERSECUTE “HERETICS” against “progress”.

In the pastit has been all the black people who have done all the dying … now the time has come when the pigs are going to die”, shouted a leaderof the  black radicals.

The STUDENTS wanted to RUN the universities, which to traditional academics was akin to INMATES RUNNING the ASYLUMS.  

Professors who deviatedfrom the new orthodoxy faced all the familiar tacticsof the campus left of the 1960s.  Their classrooms were barricaded or occupied, THREATS were put in their mail, DENUNCIATIONS were posted on campusbulletin boards and published in student newspapers, lecturers were HECKLED.

When administrators tried to block or punish these antics, the students mounted MASSIVE  PROTESTS, and students naturally won, often forcing the resignation of the administrator readers of a certain age probably know next to nothing about the Cornell Uprising, and an even larger number probably have a hard time reconciling this spectacle with the IMAGEof the1960sconjured by the popular culture.

Liberal baby boomers have smeared the lens of memory with vaseline, depicting the would-be revolutionaries as champions of PEACE and LOVE– FREE love at that!

Self-styled revolutionaries had grown increasingly brazen in their campaign to FORCE CONCESSIONS from the university.

Students and professors who were labeled  RACE TRAITORS received  DEATH THREATS.  ENEMIES of the racial nation were SAVAGELY BEATEN by ROAMING THUGS.  Guns were brought onto the campus, and students dressed up in military uniforms.  professors were HELD HOSTAGEBADGERED, INTIMIDATED and THREATENED whenever their teaching CONTRADICTED RACIAL ORTHODOXY.

GERMAN STUDENTS insisted that they be taught “Germanscience” and “logic”.

The black radicals wanted to be taught “black science” and “black logic”by black professors, demanding a separateschool tasked “to create the tools necessary for the formation of a          black nation.  They backed up these demands not with arguments but with violence and“passionate” assertion

At Cornell most of the black students were admitted on what we’d today call affirmative action, with lower than average sat scores.  Many of the gun-toting revolutionaries were recruited tothe school precisely because they fit [the] STEREOTYPE of the NOBLE ‘GHETTO YOUTH the AUTHENTICnegro … given preferenceover other blacks with higher scores and betterqualifications – because more qualified blacks were too ‘white’

By the end of the decade, the civil rights movement had for all intents and purposes become a black power movement.  

blackpower, with its clenched fistsafro-pagan mythology, celebration of VIOLENCE, emphasis on racial prideand disdain for liberalism was arguably america’s most authentic indigenous fascism. 

MARCUS GARVEY, the founder of the black nationalism movement, admittedin 1922 thathis ideology was perfectly simpaticowith mussolini’s – ‘we were the first fascists he declared’”

The founder of the black nationalist movement, marcus garvey, mandated as far back as the 1920’s that black groups should BORROW their ideas and methods from white supremacists groups, such as the KKK and NAZIS.


“No greater injury can be done to any youth than to let him feel that BECAUSE HE BELONGS to this or that RACEhe will be advanced in life regardless of HIS OWN merits or efforts.”

– Booker T. Washington

In the 1930s and 1960s, the left’s popular-front approach yielded power

and that is the true object of liberal nostalgia;   nothing more, nothing less.  It is not unity he left longs for but victory; unity on terms not their own (such as the staid conformity of the 1950s)

Universities became tools of totalitarian indoctrination, not liberal “education”.

The self-styled revolutionaries had grown increasingly brazen in their campaign to force concessions from the university.

GERMAN STUDENTS insisted that they be taught “German science” and “logic”.

The black radicals wanted to be taught “black science” and “black logic”by black professors,demanding a separateschool tasked “to create the tools necessary for the formation of ablack nation.  They backed up these demands not with arguments but with violence and“passionate” assertion

Stewart Alsop: The fascistic ovetones are obvious to anyone who has seen those forest of arms raised in unisonby the revolutionaryyoung, or heard theirmindlessshouted chants.  Surely, anyone with a sense of the political realities can smell the danger that these silly, kind, irrational people, in their cushioned isolation from reality, arebringing upon us all”

”academic freedom” must be re-defined so that students and professors alike could work together toward the larger cause

cornell university president james a.perkins was a product of the progressive-pragmatic tradition of william james and john dewey” …

   “perkins … rejected the idea that universities should be dedicated to the pursuit of eternal truths and traditional scholarship” 

perkins was hostileto the idea that the pasthad much to say about the present

“for perkins, the watchword was ‘relevance’,which in the 1960s quickly led to ‘empowerment’”

   fascists inherently rejectthe pastin their quest to build a [dys]utopian future

“perkins believed that universities should be laboratories for social change, training grounds for ‘experts’ who would parachute into the real world and ’fix’ society, like the progressives ofwilson’s and fdr’s day”

“for these reasons – plus a decided lack of courage – perkins prostrated himself to fascist goons while he ruthlessly turned his back on those whose educations, jobs and even lives were threatenedby black power radicals”

In John Milton’s “Paradise Lost,” Satan, expelled from heaven, wakes up next to theburning lake in hell, rationalizing the situation: “better to reign in hell than serve in Heaven”.

Stewart Alsop: “surely anyone with a sense of political realitiescan smell the danger“that these silly, kind, irrational people, in their cushioned isolation from reality, are bringing upon us all. the danger starts with the universities, but it does not end there.  that is what makes them much more scary” – stewart alsop, The Greening of America

fascist “action”manifested in american history

peter berger  observed the [american] radicals in action …berger explored a lot of themes common to 1960s radicalsand european fascists“i was repeatedly reminded of the storm troopers that marched through my childhood in europe  “the table-thumping for a new

 volk[people] centered “community”… that would replace capitalism with a more “organic” totalitarian approach were the nazis and 1960s radicals both delusional“dreamers” ???

“romantics” building utopia(“feelings” vs “facts”)

… who threw adolescent “temper tantrums” against the    “cold logic” of their parents …

spoiledlittle brats” with an exaggerated sense of victimizationand sense of (theirown)    “social” justice

fascist violence based on the cult of unreason, lust for action, and craving for “authenticity”(being “real”) seeking to “be real”, lacking any sense of “reality”?

the german-jewish novelist thomas mann wrote the nazi revolution was “without underlying ideas, …against everything nobler, better, decent, against freedom, truth and justice.the “common SCUM”had won the day, “accompanied by vast rejoicingon the part of themasses”  hippie “rebels with a causeor rebels without a “clue”?