I taught World History in a California public school. A state curriculum standard dealt with
“totalitarianism”, specifically “Fascism”.


I could not find a suitable “definition” I could use for my own understanding and something I could present to my students.

The best book of this century, in my opinion, is LIBERAL FASCISM, by Jonah Goldberg.
I used this book to develop a “rubric” defining fascism.
I then added over the years examples of fascism today.

This “summary” is an “overview” and result of over ten years, on and off, of study, research and “scholarship”.
I would ask myself why I would spend countless hours dealing with this subject.
I find it amazingly ridiculous that not many people would address these things, considering its importance to history past and present. So I ended up borrowing, stealing and making my “own”
lessons on the matter of fascism and totalitarianism towards my own understanding, use in a classroom and as a “contribution” of general knowledge in this “tragic” world.

In a sense, this is my “DOCTORATE” on the matter. In the end, it made “sense” as to why I spent all this time and energy on the subject. I joke this is my “FAKE” doctorate that came about in RESPONSE and REACTION AGAINST the “FAKE” EDUCATIONAL ESTABLISHMENT. Once this insight hit me, I realized by compulsion to work thousands of hours, (and it still needs work) on this over the years was NOT COMPLETELY insane.

I hope this is “education-al” and “entertaining”, like banging your head against the wall.
“Slavic Socrates” is a bit “twisted”. This “study” involved both SADISM and MASOCHISM. But such is the “tragic” nature of learning and education. It involves and requires PAIN to bring PLEASURE. So consider this “lesson”on “S & M” in need of investigation by sort sort of vice squad!
This is what I call the two “H’s” of life – its both “HORRIFYING” and “HILARIOUS”.


FASCISM seeks COLLECTIVE “salvation”, eventually producing a TOTALITARIAN society of ONE, single, “organic” “WHOLE” benefiting ALL, COMPLETE CONFORMITY allowing no “separateness”.

Fascism promises UTOPIA through THIS-worldly political “REBIRTH”, redemption and realization of “meaning”, “solutions” to never ending “CRISIS”, overcome with revolutionary “CRUSADES” of “ACTION” of “social justice” based on their own “WILL to POWER”, instincts and feelings, which typically produce reactionary tantrums by “heretics” who seek limitations on their power and/or critically question fascist utopian lack of “reason”, “reality” and/or DYSTOPIAN RESULTS. (“tragic” UNintended consequences)

Totalitarian, all powerful GOD-STATES use political-religion to promise “heaven on earth”. Mussolini said “fascism IS a religion”. Fascists purposely mix and confuse politics and religion, Government and God, co-opting “God” in their pursuit of political POWER, a POLITICAL RELIGION OF government idol worship.

The sheep-like masses, contemptible “clingers” and “deplorables”, require leadership by an elite “enlightened” political governing ruling class and/or messianic “CULT of PERSONALITY” (“gods” IN government).

Contemptuous of freedom and democratic self-government, the “god OF government” seeks to SOCIALLY ENGINEER utopian “political paradise” through “science” and an evolutionary “Cult of “Progress”.

A utopian FUTURE requires INDOCTRINATION of YOUTH and CENSORSHIP of anything contradicting politically correct conformity, preventing eventual totalitarian control on ALL aspects of society, propagated and proselytized by elite media “priests” and educational “seminaries”.

Utopian idealism requires total elimination of anything old & corrupt, erasing past history, destroying politically INcorrect dogmas, and/or persecuting non-utopian “heretics” (“tragic” realist “phobes”) which question and PREVENT the “CULT of PROGRESS” and necessary transformational change “we can ALL believe in”. FASCISM

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