PROLOGUE: FASCISM seeks COLLECTIVE “salvation”, eventually producing a TOTALITARIAN society of ONE, single, “organic” “WHOLE” benefiting ALL, COMPLETE CONFORMITY allowing no “separateness”. Fascism promises UTOPIA through THIS-worldly political “REBIRTH”, redemption and realization of “meaning”, “solutions” to never ending “CRISIS”, overcome with revolutionary “CRUSADES” of “ACTION” of “social justice” based on their own “WILL to POWER”, instincts and feelings, which typically produce reactionary tantrums by “heretics” who seek limitations on their power and/or critically question fascist utopian lack of “reason”, “reality” and/or DYSTOPIAN RESULTS. (“tragic” UNintended consequences) Totalitarian, all powerful GOD-STATES use political-religion to promise “heaven on earth”. Mussolini said “fascism IS a religion”. Fascists purposely mix and confuse politics and religion, Government and God, co-opting “God” in their pursuit of political POWER, a POLITICAL RELIGION OF government idol worship. The sheep-like MASSES, contemptible “clingers” and “deplorables”, require leadership by an elite “enlightened” political governing ruling class and/or messianic “CULT of PERSONALITY” (“gods” IN government). Contemptuous of freedom and democratic self-government, the “god OF government” seeks to SOCIALLY ENGINEER utopian “political paradise” through “science” and an evolutionary “Cult of “Progress”. A utopian FUTURE requires INDOCTRINATION of YOUTH and CENSORSHIP of anything contradicting politically correct conformity, preventing eventual totalitarian control on ALL aspects of society, propagated and proselytized by elite media “priests” and educational “seminaries”. Utopian idealism requires total elimination of anything old & corrupt, erasing past history, destroying politically INcorrect dogmas, and/or persecuting non-utopian “heretics” (“tragic” realist “phobes”) which question and PREVENT the “CULT of PROGRESS” and necessary transformational change “we can ALL believe in”. FASCISM #1-The Collective #2-Rebirth #3-Crisis & Crusade #4-Action #5-Politics as Religion #6-Contempt for Democracy #7-The Cult of Personality #8-Social Engineering #9-Youth #10-Censorship #11- Fascist Economics (2017)

The essence of Fascist leadership is based on the idea of an elite who knows what the people need, not what they want. the “great leader” is the “father” who “knows best.”
“progress” required “great” revolution-ary leaders
Fascist leadership is based on the idea of an ELITE who KNOWS what the PEOPLE NEED, NOT necessarily what they WANT
The “great leader” is the “FATHER” who “KNOWS BEST”
Michelle Obama –
“This president has brought us out of the dark and into the light”
authoritarian reliance on a leader or elite not responsible to an electorate
the “great leader” knows the people better than they know themselves
leaders who understood and represented the “will” of the people and nation (group)
NOT WHAT YOU (the individual) WANT – WHAT YOU (the group) NEED
Song – “The Cult of Personality”
“HE’S (the leader) ALLYOU NEED TO BE” …
NAPOLEON (through modern law and“progress”) is the NEXT MOSES,
“The NAZI Party must NOT become a SERVANT of the masses, but their MASTER!”
– Adolf Hitler
“The [Nazi party] should not become a CONSTABLE (policeman) of PUBLIC OPINION, but must DOMINATE it. –
Adolf Hitler
a cult of personality is a campaign of rhetoric and propaganda that exaggerates the importance of a particular leader
they are features of totalitarian systems and are used to assert and increase the leader’s control over the people

one of the most visible features of the cultural revolution was the cult of mao zedong
this personality cult was fuelled by the fanaticism of the red guards, pro-mao propaganda and the chinese communist party’s (ccp) control of information
mao’s leadership – or, more precisely, public perceptions of his leadership – made him the subject of respect and adoration
the chairman was depicted as an ideological visionary, a political genius, a guardian of his people and a kindly and benevolent leader
mao’s achievements were exaggerated and glorified, while his shortcomings were suppressed or concealed
the failings and brutalities of mao-era china were concealed or explained away and blamed on others
meanwhile, as this personality cult intensified, mao’s power over the party and his control of china both increased
personality cults glorify the achievements and importance of one leader above others
they are formed by a barrage of propaganda, symbolism and imagery, manipulated information and distorted history
in time, public perceptions evolve to the point where the leader is adored, venerated or even worshipped, almost unchallengeable and impervious to criticism
their power and control is intensified, while ordinary people become more obedient and compliant. personality cults are a feature of authoritarian or totalitarian political systems
personality cults were “healthy”, mao said, provided they worshipped great leaders rather than false one
“there are two types of personality cults,” mao said in 1958. “one is the correct type. worshipping marx, engels, lenin and stalin is correct because truth is held in their hands
in 1970, mao claimed a personality cult was necessary to “stimulate the masses” and bring about political change. it was difficult, mao claimed, for the chinese people to “overcome the habits of 3,000 years of emperor-worshipping tradition”
lin biao was later responsible for an iconic feature of the mao cult: the infamous ‘little red book’
titled quotations from chairman mao zedong, it was first published in january, 1964. like a contemporary version of confucius’ analects, quotations from chairman mao zedong was a collection of observations, witticisms and advice
the book itself became a symbol of individual loyalty to mao zedong and his ideas. red guards often demanded that individuals produce their copy failure to do so could result in anything from verbal harassment to a beating or a prison sentence
mao also loomed large in socialist art and visual propaganda, both of which surged during the cultural revolution
mao as a central figure, either leading or directing the masses or looming above them like a demigod
mao is variously depicted as the great teacher, the great commander, the great leader or the great helmsman
images of mao’s face appeared everywhere, from portraits in schools and government buildings to street signs and wall murals. private homes often had a picture of mao displayed in a prominent place, or even a small mao shrine
as with the ‘little red book’, not having an image of the chairman in one’s home was considered a sign of disloyalty and potential dissidence
a 32-metre tall statue of mao zedong in changsha, hunan, built between 2007 and 2009 –
evidence that the mao personality cult endures today millions of chinese workers started
fervently worshipping mangoes in honor of chairman mao the mangoes were held up as a
symbol of chairman mao’s love for the workers and quickly became holy relics themselves, such was the cult of personality around the chinese leader
chairman mao gives us a happy life
Follow the Communist Party for ever, follow Chairman Mao forever
The SUNLIGHT of Mao Zedong Thought illuminates the road of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, 1966
As the Great Teacher, the Great Leader, the Great Helmsman, the Supreme Commander, Mao came to dominate the propaganda art of the first half of the Cultural Revolution
Why does Mao cult still SURVIVE IN CHINA?

A photograph of a 5-year-old girl made her famous in China – and haunted the man who took it by Jennifer Lin Smithsonian Magazine May, 2009

Jennifer Lin: “li zhensheng heard singing followed by a burst of
applause. following the sounds led the photojournalist to a young
girl with unusually fair hair tied in ponytails, dancing with her
arms upraised and surrounded by smiling, clapping soldiers”
“they were at the red guard stadium in harbin along with hundreds of thousands of communist party cadres, workers, peasants and other soldiers who had gathered for a marathon conference on the teachings of chairman mao zedong”
“this was 1968, nearly two years into the cultural revolution, mao’s attempt to purge chinese society of disloyal elements and escalate his own cult of personality”
“the conferees seemed to be trying to outdo one another in their professions of love for their nation’s leader”
“on april 28, the last day of the 23-day gathering, a 5-year-old kindergartner was performing the “loyalty dance,” as it was known”
“in front of the soldiers in the stadium stands, she skipped in place and sang:
no matter how close our parents are to us, they are
not as close as our relationship with mao
“how absurd, thought li, who was a photographer for the heilongjiang daily, a party newspaper. the girl certainly was lovely and eager to please, but the photojournalist found the excess of zeal discomforting. “they had to love him to the extreme,” says li, now 68 and retired”

“In the cult of mao, everyone was expected to perform the loyalty dance – from miners to office workers to toddlers to old ladies whose feet had been bound”
“the movements were always toward the sky – that way you could show how respectful you were to mao, li says. everyone knew how to dance it
“li kept on taking pictures – including those he called his “negative negatives”: red guards shaving the head of a provincial governor because his hairline was too similar to mao’s” …
“security forces shooting, point-blank, two accused counterrevolutionaries for publishing a
flier the government deemed too pro-soviet” “these were scenes that china did not want the rest of the world – or, for that matter, its own people – to see”
“Treatment ranged from the awful (beatings and denial of medical help leading to premature death) to the mild (condemnation and sending home from work, but on full pay)…” -Paul Clark, Student Email Interview. SOURCE: BBC News. Courtesy of Li Zhensheng. (Apr. 27, 1967)
day after day, my ears were filled with the sound of angry, accusing voices, my eyes were blurred by images of hostile faces, and my body ached from rough handling and physical abuse. I no longer felt like a human being, just an inanimate object”
-Nien Cheng, Life and Death in Shanghai
“soar to heaven and pierce the earth!” – red guard chant
u.s. president woodrow wilson had a firm connection that his “organic” connection with “the people” was absolute
woodrow wilson:
“i am sure that i speak the mind and wish of the people of america”
wilson’s leadership “transcended” the mere mechanics of democracy.
(i.e. the constitution)
the age of “chaotic” parliamentary democracy was coming to an end
a more “authentic” form of leadership was needed
“great men”, modernizers and
“men of action” could do …
… what leaders of decadent and decaying democracies could not
“men are as clay with the consumate leader.” woodrow wilson
a “great man” who could serve both as the natural expression of the people’s will …
… a guide and master checking their darker impulses
the leader needed to be the “brain” that regulated and protected the body
fascist leadership involved an “elite” that delivered what the people needed
(not “wanted”)
woodrow wilson explained that the “true leader” uses the masses like tools
woodrow wilson – “he must not traffic in subtleties and nuance, as literary men do” …
“he must speak to stir their passions, not their intellects”
“the [nazi party] should not become a constable of public opinion, but must dominate it. –
“the nazi party must not become a servant of the masses, but their master!”- adolf hitler
wilson was a “divine instrument”, the state the “holy sword” …
…in god’s crusade in the triumph of science and reason in politics
an “elite” harnessing the “romantic”, primitive body politic towards fascist “rebirth” and “progress”
an elite “priest” class “shepherding” the laity ”sheep” in the fascist “crusade” of the state-religion
hitler – “i am freeing man from the restraints of intelligence and a degrading … false vision called conscience and morality, …
… and from the demands of a freedom and independence which only a very few can bear” hitler
“A ruling intelligentsia, whether in Europe, Asia or Africa, treats the masses as raw material to be experimented on, processed, and wasted at will.” – Eric Hoffer
to this end, the masses had to be subservient to the will of the leader
american progressives adopted an emphasis on scientific socialism and social engineering
hitler and stalin were “men of action” were creating utopias with the bulldozer and slide rule
… and “science” is not open to democratic debate
american progressives looked to “totalitarian” revolution to “save” ourselves from failed
democracy american progressives infatuated with “totalitarian” revolution taking place in
mussolini’s italy, nazi germany and soviet russia w.e.b. dubois was so taken with the nazis
that he put swastikas on the cover of his magazine, despite complaints from jewish readers
even after hitler achieved dictatorial power, dubois said the nazi dictatorship was
“absolutely necessary in order to get the state in order” as late as 1937 dubois said … that “there is today, in some respects, more democracy in germany than there has been in years past”
the founder of the black nationalist movement, marcus garvey, mandated as far back as the 1920’s that black groups should borrow their ideas and methods from white supremacists groups, such as the kkk and nazis
garvey prophesied that one day the black race would produce their own “black hitler” black nationalists have a long tradition of belief that the black race is god and certain individuals have special roles that are exalted above others in their divinity
black liberation theology teaches that the black race is divine, the chosen people of god
black liberation theology as inspired by the black cult doctrine of the nation of islam and has the same basic beliefs a sect that believed that the black race is god and will produce a black messiah a black messiah will be a real man of flesh and blood, will arise to liberate the world from white domination via a real, revolution
a millennial utopia, the biblical kingdom on earth, is to be created by the destruction of white society
the basic belief is that white man is the cause of suffering in the world
the white race is equated to the anti-christ and the black race is called the manifestation of god on earth
the white man can only be redeemed by submission to the black race
black liberation theology is formulated as a would-be state religion, destined to rule over the earth after the final conflict with “white society”
after destruction of white society, a millennial kingdom will be established on earth which will be a real, physical government, a black theocracy
the “kingdom” is envisioned to be a real political and physical ruling government and not just a spiritual event
black liberation theology informed jeremiah wright’s pseudo-christian sect in chicago religion
black liberation theology believes the black messiah will arise from the black race with a divine mission to destroy america, as we know it
… and create a black-ruled utopia, a millennial kingdom, which, in concept is similar to the 1000-year reich
obama caused controversy at a memorial for the victims of 9/11 in 2011 when he read psalms 46:“be still and know that i am god.” and “i will be exalted among the nations”
obama often treats such public events as an opportunity for the ritualized expression of his black-liberation religious beliefs
obama was part of a sect that believed that the black race is god and will produce a black messiah, it can be assumed that obama is talking about his own divinity when he read psalms 46 at the memorial service
it is a signal to others, who believe as he does and also serves as a provocation to those who may find this type of belief system to be heretical and repugnant
there have been many allusions by obama’s followers that he is the messiah or god, as obama seems to be hinting with his bizarre reading of this psalm at the site of the sacrificial murder of 3,000 americans by islamic terrorists
self-exaltation and self-worship of man and exaltation of man’s works is a central characteristic of the gnostic occult
if you recall the biblical story, lucifer wanted to be worshiped the same as god
gnostic occult means “hidden knowledge” and it is standard practice that occultists hint at their beliefs, but do no speak very openly about their core beliefs, unless it is before a like-minded audience, because many people would strongly reject it and EVEN ridicule it
obama appears to have used this memorial service to flaunt publicly his black nationalist/black liberation belief system, while maintaining some deniability, in case there is criticism of it
it is difficult for a lot of people to imagine that others have such a perverse belief system. obama provokes like this, partly to see, whether the public will react, or not
if there is no public reaction, it emboldens him to go even further. many willfully ignore such things
the black nationalist doctrine of obama’s trinity church in chicago TEACHES that the BLACK man is the manifestation of god on earth and one can self-exalt himself to god status
pergamos was a regional center of the roman state and a center of occult/pagan worship and persecution of the early christians
the roman state “imperial cult” was a religion, in which the roman emperor was worshiped at pergamos as a god
obama’s stage at the 2008 democratic convention was designed in the style of the pergamon altar, a greek temple
hitler’s architect, albert speer, modeled the tribune at the zeppelin field in nuremberg, germany after the pergamon altar
the zeppelin field was the site of the nazi party’s annual national rally (reichstag) and where hitler was worshiped by the faithful like a god
a temple is a place of worship. it seems this bizarre stage design is alluding to the worship of obama
In 2008, united states senator barack obama spoke to 200,000 adoring fans in berlin at the foot of the “victory column”- a military monument co-opted by adolf hitler and revamped by his chief architect, albert speer
the decision to speak at the controversial site before he was anointed “president” was the same arrogance and hubris that would come to signify obama’s tenure in office
not far from where obama delivered his rousing speech, obama visited the great altar of zeus in the pergamon museum
german archeologists removed the massive altar of zeus from the ruins of pergamos and took it to berlin, where it was restored as the centerpiece of the pergamon museum
it is here that hitler first adored it, later building an outdoor replica of it from which he gave a series of speeches that mesmerized many germans
upon returning to the united states, obama immediately commissioned the construction of a greek-columned stage from which he made his acceptance speech for his party’s nomination
incredibly, like hitler, obama had honored the goddess victoria with his presence before ordering a replica of the biblical throne of satan built, upon which he accepted his date with destiny
candidate obama would chart the course of american history as follows:
American Revolutionaries -> Manifest Destiny -> Slaves/Abolitionists -> Suffragettes -> the Labor Movement -> the Greatest Generation -> the Civil Rights Movement -> Himself.

pagan religion is generally about self-worship of man and tribal leaders
the gnostic occult is a combination of paganism, neo-platonic greek philosophy and the apocalyptic end times theology of the zoroastrians
the perfection of man to divinity is expected to transform the world into a perfect utopian society, a kind of occult theocracy, the physical and political version the biblical kingdom on earth
worship of man and his works (the state) is also a central concept of the occult and satanism/ luciferianism
man has an instinct to self-exalt himself and/or follow a great leader
the occult is based on the concepts of tribal religions, in which the chief was often worshiped as a god and the tribe was exalted as the chosen people
the black liberation theology of obama’s church exalts man to god-status, a doctrine of self-worship, which is a tenet of luciferianism or satanism

saul alinsky dedicated his book, “rules for radicals” to lucifer
the gnostic occult is related to the christian concept of “luciferianism.” in the bible lucifer wanted to be worshiped like god (isaiah 14:12) and boasted that his throne would be “above the stars of god”
saul alinsky’s “rule for radicals” is considered to be the “bible” for community agitators like obama, who taught alinsky’s techniques of provocation to others
lucifer is the spirit of rebellion. obama was an organizer and career agitator after the revolutionary anarchist style of saul alinsky
alinsky was dead by the time obama moved to chicago, but he was trained as a community organizer by alinsky’s top students
self-worship and exaltation of man as god is therefore fundamental to the concept of luciferianism. it is a religion for megalomaniacs and their followers
politicians are often narcissistic and are particularly susceptible to the idea of self-worship
many will ridicule this idea, especially fans of the occult, but the psychology of humans has not changed and we still have a powerful instinct to self-exalt ourselves
it is not uncommon for dictators – or would be dictators – to insinuate that they are a prophet of god or god
during the french revolution a state religion was established, “the cult of the supreme being,” also known as “the cult of reason”
the absolute dictator of the jacobin movement, robespierre, had an artificial mountain mountain built in the champs du mars in paris, where festivals of the cult of the supreme being were held
robespierre would don a toga and sit on a throne during the festivities of the cult, which made the citizens remark that he appeared to want to be worshiped as a god
the jacobins tried to de-christianize france. the church declared the secret societies to be satanist
the pantheon in paris was a converted from a christian cathedral into a temple to the exalted men of the french revolution, rousseau and voltaire
the famous psychologist, c.g. jung, a student of freud’s, wrote that even if people had no formal religion, human psychology would follow the same patterns
people can subconsciously conform to this cult psychology, but with obama and his cohorts, it appears to be a conscious strategy for manipulation of the masses
promise of a utopian world transformation, exaltation of the group of followers and demonization of their “enemy” can be used to mesmerize a public following and produce fanatic loyalty that does not respond to normal logical arguments
a certain percentage of the population are true believers in the promise of world transformation by the great leader and nothing will change their minds

pagan tribal chiefs were often worshiped as gods and exercised the power of life and death over their tribal members
the nazis were the first political group to intentionally use such techniques on a large scale in an election (1932)
the aryan race was considered a race of gods and hitler was self-exalted as the aryan messiah
an ordinary flesh-and-blood man will create a biblical, millennial “kingdom” on earth is an aspect of the antichrist in the traditional christian context
it seems obama and his allies often intentionally promote this idea that he is the “antichrist” in order to incite fear in his opponents and also to make them objects of ridicule among his own supporters
the purpose of all of this peculiar symbolism used by obama is to motivate followers and manipulate the public, using psychology that is instinctive to his followers
it may be to publicize his occult beliefs, but also to intentionally provoke
this provokes conservative christians to think that he is the “antichrist.” he can use this to make them look hysterical and foolish to his own supporters and more neutral observers
one such incident could be a chance occurrence, but there has been much too many of these kinds of provocative references to dismiss them as random chance
the rising sun, as used in obama’s logo is often used in occult symbolism and is the symbol of occult world transformation and the DAWN of a NEW AGE

obama was often depicted in campaign art that suggested divinity or the messiah. such solar symbols are used in religious art to symbolize divinity

Obama is often Portrayed
as a God and Messiah. Here, aptly,
as Shiva, the Destroyer of Worlds

obama was depicted as shiva, the destroyer and creator of worlds, a lucifer-like figure from the hindu pantheon of gods, on the cover of newsweek magazine
it has been widely reported that obama carries in his pocket a charm of the monkey god, hanuman, an avatar of shiva in the hindu religion
michelle obama coyly flashes a devil’s horn sign on the cover of vogue magazine. the way she is holding her fingers in not natural
the black liberation theology of obama’s church exalts man to god-status, a doctrine of self-worship, which is a tenet of luciferianism or satanism
note the phrase, “the first lady that the world has been waiting for.” and the word “superpowers.” such magazine covers are designed very carefully to convey meaning. have we really been waiting for a first lady with occult superpowers?
pagan tribal chiefs were often worshiped as gods and exercised the power of life and death over their tribal members
the aryan race was considered a race of gods and hitler was self-exalted as the aryan messiah
it is provocation by design and we have never had a president, who was so contemptuous of the voters that he would use such references in his campaign, in order to manipulate the public by provocation and mass suggestion of this kind
one of obama’s provocations has been the reference to him as god and references to satanism/ luciferianism
the “great” leader “transcended” the mere mechanics of “messy” democracy
a young benito mussolini admired wilson for interpreting the “needs, hopes and faith of the human spirit”
mussolini especially appealed to italian women
propaganda celebrated mussolini’s “manliness”
mussolini represented the “ideal” man of the “new age”
“he feels, he still believes, with an enthusiasm full of virility and force” …
“HE is a MAN” – Leda Rafanelli, anarchist intellectual (who later slept with Mussolini)
mussolini (like hitler) cultivated an impression of being married to all italian women
when italy faced economic sanctions for its invasion of ethiopia …
mussolini asked italians to donate their gold to the state …
millions of women sent in their wedding rings …
250,000 women in rome alone sent in their wedding rings
british lady clementine churchill was smitten by his “beautiful golden brown, piercing eyes” …
churchill was delighted to take home a signed photo as a keepsake
hitler kept his relation-ship with eva braun “quiet”, …
hitler used his bachelor status to “lead on” millions of german women
german women wrote him letters and thought they “had a chance” to be with “the great leader”

“We are the joyous Hitler youth,
We do not need any Christian virtue
Our leader is our savior
The Pope and Rabbi shall be gone
We want to be pagans once again.”
– Hitler Youth Song

only the chancellor steadfast in fight, watches o’er germany by day and night, always caring for us
constant propaganda helped build this “cult of personality”
stalin was portrayed as a benevolent “father figure”
“comrade” stalin – “friend” and “protector” of “the people”
stalin tried to boost faith and morale in the communist system by making himself a “god-like” figure
“stalin is today’s lenin” “father of the country,” “the great and wise teacher,” “the friend of mankind” “stalin is the brain and heart of the party”
portrait of the “great and generous leader”
“stalin is the banner of millions of people in their fight for a better life.”
the “cult of personality” radical revolution was led by charismatic radical “organizers” who project confidence and vision

Barack Obama – ”Unfortunately, I think that recognition requires that WE MAKE SACRIFICES and this country has not always been willing to make the SACRIFICES that are NECESSARY to BRING ABOUT a NEW DAY and a NEW AGE”
FASCISTS DENOUNCE PAST “CORRUPTION” (the “sins” of the past)
Michelle Obama: “For the First Time in My Adult Lifetime, I’m Really Proud of My Country”
Fascism #7:

“Houston Public School Assembly SLAMS BUSH and
by Mike Opelka The February 28, 2013

“The Katherine Smith Elementary School in Houston held an assembly on Tuesday.
The program was innocently titled, “A DREAM COME TRUE – Living in the present by
remembering the past and looking forward to the future.”

“As you might expect from the title of the show, most of the songs are a salute to civil rights
heroes like Rosa Parks and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. But there is also considerable
ADORATION heaped upon President Obama.“

“This One’s For You – This song is a complete tribute or salute to President Obama. “

“Rosa sat so Martin could walk
Martin walked so Barack could Run
Barack ran, he ran and he won
Thousands of people
All of us here were for the FIGHT


by Thomas Lifson January 31, 2016”

Thomas Lifson: “One feature of the totalitarian mindset is a need to BRAINWASH
CHILDREN into believing that the great leader was destined for importance from birth”
At its most grotesque, this impulse finds expression in absurdities such as the propaganda
North Koreans were subjected to on the birth of the late kim jong-il, who inherited his
dictatorship from regime founder kim il-sung:”
“legend has it that a double rainbow and a glowing new star appeared in the heavens to herald the birth of kim jong il, in 1942, on north korea’s cherished baekdu mountain”
“nothing quite like that has (yet) appeared about hillary clinton, but an effort to canonize her in the minds of the next generation is well underway”

Kyle smith of the New York Post reviews the slightly-less-grotesque-than-north-korea effort of
children’s book author Michelle Markel, titled, Hillary Rodham Clinton: Some Girls are
Born to Lead” Ms. Markel evidently began work on this propaganda effort before the Hillary
campaign banished the name rodham to the memory hole.

AIMED AT AGES 4 to 8, [it] is MEANT TO INSTILL IN GIRLS a thrilling sense of
gender pride, even if the book (like hillary’s campaign) has a difficult time identifying
anything she has actually accomplished, other than giving speeches and being in the proximity
of famous men. Awkward, that. But no real obstacle in terms of the propagandist’s art.
After all, what did kim jong il ever accomplish, aside from murdering any possible rivals and
ruthlessly suppressing all dissent?”

On page one, we’re informed that “in the 1950s, it was a man’s world” and that girls “weren’t
supposed to act smart, tough or ambitious. Little hillary, looking spunky in a bright-red
dress, is set off against a gray and brown array of celebrated men of the time, including
Nat King Cole and Jackie Robinson.
“Only boys had no ceilings on their dreams,” go the harrumphing words”
“So Nat King Cole, who was once attacked on stage during a concert by a gang of white
supremacists, ” Jackie Robinson, a sharecropper who on the baseball field had to listen to an
opposing manager yell the n-word at him and shout “go back to the cotton fields,” had it easy
compared to hillary, the daughter of a wealthy businessman?”

Actually, hillary’s father was not wealthy, and not really that successful in his drapery business.
Some years were good, but others provided little income. I suspect the economic insecurity
Hillary experienced growing up has a lot to do with her compulsive need to acquire wealth and
the trappings of power. Her father, a white male, is disqualified from victim status, but Hillary,
a female, was truly a victim:”
“after “upstaging boys in class” – not just succeeding but “upstaging boys,” because it’s important that your little girl learn to see life as an us-against-them situation ”
“the teen hillary “met with poor black and latino teenagers in the inner city … brave Hillary!

Later, in law school, we learn that hillary “walked up and down dangerous blocks in texas,
registering voters for the presidential election. Dangerous” apparently means “populated by
latinos,” because below these words is a picture of hillary talking to brown-skinned people on a
Smith takes glee in pointing our various contradictions in the story. markel does appear to
trip herself up quite a few times. LUCKILY FOR HER, 4 TO 8 YEAR OLDS ARE NOT

Girls are also told that, in the early clinton administration, hillary was “tough as nails” but (next
sentence) “after congress turned down her health plan, she was crushed and that (page 17), they
should be excited about Hillary’s Arkansas work “at a top-notch law firm,” even though the two
people she is pictured with, Vince Foster and Webb Hubbell.
The review featured on the Amazon page for this book comes from the school library journal,
“to her credit, reviewer laura simeon found the hagiographic approach a bit much: …this picture book biography depicts hillary rodham clinton’s story as one of endless heroic struggles on behalf of the oppressed”
“clinton is described as an excellent student who took an early leadership role among her peers, was inspired by hearing a speech by dr. martin luther king jr., and later fearlessly advocated on behalf of women, people of color, children, and the poor.”
“the tone is relentlessly positive, making it difficult to get a well-rounded sense of clinton as a person, and there is no reference to any of the political controversies surrounding her or bill clinton”
“verdict a beautifully produced, if excessively laudatory, biography of a significant contemporary political figure; recommended for general collections”
“i have to wonder about the poor boys who are assigned this book in school, or who have to sit and listen to it read to a class”
“they are cast as oppressors who have it easy in life. but that seems to be thrust of most government schools in this era, perhaps one reason why boys fare much more poorly in schools than girls”
“the other intended audience for this book, children of feminists, is artificially small thanks to the popularity of abortion in that demographic segment”
“i suppose hillary’s granddaughter, charlotte rodham clinton margolies mezvinsky, will have it read to her endlessly. poor tyke, but lucky for her, hillary needed a grandchild to soften her image”
“it turns out that there is an entire genre of hillary books for children:”
“that totalitarian impulse is pretty widespread. but heck, the 2008 hillary campaign indulged in it quite explicitly”

Jonah Goldberg: “the history of totalitarianism is the history of the quest to transcend the human condition …
… “and create a society where our deepest meaning and destiny” …
… “are realized simply by virtue of the fact that
we live in it” the collective state will “cure” the “problems” we as humans all face
Fascism #7:

“my individual salvation depends on OUR COLLECTIVE SALVATION” – barack obama
“recognizing that my fate remains tied up with their fates, that my individual salvation is not going to come about without a collective salvation for the country” … who understand what types of social “changes” are needed
the “cult of personality” leading us to “collective salvation”
messianic movements and cults are based on mass psychology and principles
it comes from basic human instinct to follow a great leader and therefore subconscious in many people
tribal kings have often been worshiped as gods and that is ultimately the origin of it
this instinctive behavior has been studied by psychologists for more than a century and the knowledge has been used by some for manipulation of the masses
… “most notably by the nazis and in the entertainment industry
this phenomenon can be understood from a psychological point of view
many have speculated that obama is a pathological narcissist, also popularly called an “egomaniac” or “megalomaniac”
extreme, pathological narcissists can be psychopathic and often believe they are a divine being, a prophet, mouthpiece of god or actually god, himself
that is self-worship. cult leaders are examples of extreme narcissists. extreme narcissists are attracted to self-worshiping cult religions, because it suites the mentality of their psychological disorder
it is not uncommon for pathological narcissists (megalomaniacs) to believe that they are a higher being, prophet or actually god as happens with cult leaders
alinsky viewed the organizer as master manipulator, whose guidance set the agenda for “revolution”
”the organizer,” alinsky wrote, is in a true sense reaching for the highest level for which man can reach” to create, to be a ‘GREAT CREATOR,’to PLAY GOD”
”Because I work as a community organizer in N.H. I’ve been tagged as a “community leader” with the Obama campaign. So I’m on the VIP list for Obama events – this was an event with just 100 people. HE MAKES ME MELT”
Obama called his community organizer years “the best education I ever had.”
According to SAUL ALINSKY, “EGO must be so all-pervading that the PERSONALITY of the organizer is CONTAGIOUS,… that it CONVERTS the PEOPLE from DESPAIR to DEFIANCE … creating a “MASS EGO”
“This is our time! – I will CHANGE the WORLD”
the hanging of a huge Barack Obama portrait at the U.S. Embassy in London
Check out the size and placement of the portrait, a tapestry by renowned Chuck Close, a government-approved (National Medal of Arts winner) artist
the portrait of The One We Have Been Waiting For is larger than Presidents Lincoln and Washington, who flank him, almost like apostles
The visual message declares that their significance is that they paved the way for the Lightworker.
“The tapestry is one of 10 that will be made available for sale (at $100,000 each) as part of a fundraiser supporting the Obama Victory Fund.”
our Embassy to Britain is displaying a portrait created for the purpose of raising a million dollars to propel him to a second term
the obama campaign released its latest attempt to smear mitt romney – a new cartoon called “the life of julia”
“the life of julia” follows a woman from age 3 to 67; comparing what her life would be like under president obama compared to mitt romney
they go through the different stages in her life where the government is absolutely necessary in order for you to have any quality of life … and they start at three – at three!”
the slides go from age 18 to 22, and on and on – each one making obama’s glorious gigantic government programs the only way “julia” could possible succeed in life
dana loesch had an excellent take on the real message the obama campaign was sending women – obama campaign: women are helpless

By: hanoverhenry (Diary) May 4th, 2012

That may be my slogan but the sentiment expressed, is exactly the “storyboard”
On the obama for president website on this new “the life of julia” segment i just read
age 31 – “under president obama” julia can go ahead and get pregnant, and not worry about
it, not bother with marriage or a husband or savings. she can just go ahead if she wants
to, after all that free birth control, and have a baby, because “under health care reform”
everything is free”
age 31 – “but julia will go back to being sad and unhappy under mitt romney, and not be
able to have that baby after all, because “health care reform would be repealed.”
age 37 – “under president obama” our julia still hasn’t met a guy who is even a regular in her
life, and never mind marriage or family life, she can go ahead and have a son, and our obama
website named him zachary, who this year starts, “under president obama” his kindergarten
all of this is possible only because “under president obama”
values voters will notice that the major events of julia’s life do not include a boyfriend,
marriage, a family or even parents or church
the life of julia demeans us all as human beings, is pure socialism, and is a nightmare vision of the future if barack obama is re-elected
but the “life of julia” tells you plainly his vision for america, both in what he says are the significant events in “the life of julia” as well as by his omissions – what is missing from her life

by Kevin Glass May 03, 2012

The Obama campaign has a cringe-inducing propaganda slideshow called “the life of julia”
intended to illustrate how the obama administration’s policies will give government help to a
young woman as she is educated, works, starts a family and retires. If you had to stifle a
guffaw, you’re not alone. yes, the obama administration’s policies alone can be the savior for
american children everywhere – all it takes, apparently, are piles and piles of taxpayer money
thrown around recklessly.
The dream that obama has for julia’s life is scary. there was a time that the “cradle-to-grave”
formulation of the welfare state was disparaging. President obama takes pride in having the
governement’s fingers pushing julia along at every stage of her life. This is the fantasyland
that the obama administration is living in – absolutely no mention of the unprecedented debt
and deficit that the government has racked up in the last four years and the effect that will have
on the economy as the next generation comes of age
the obama administration pretends like the head start program is going to be the most vital part of a young child’s life
what matters in early education is federal money thrown blindly at something identified as a “problem.” the heritage foundation reports that the head start program yields “zero lasting benefits for participating children.”
“a new report published by the department of health and human found that the $150 billion that taxpayers have “invested” in head start since 1965 is yielding zero lasting benefits for participating children”
according to the head start impact study: “the benefits of access to head start at age four are largely absent by 1st grade for the program population as a whole.”
so, after the obama administration has dropped taxpayer money into failing schools with no sign of marked improvement, we find julia in high school
better hope julia doesn’t live in d.c.! otherwise, she’ll be confined to a high school in one of the worst public systems in the country after the obama administration killed off an important school choice program
“though they were able to kill off d.c.’s school choice program, republican governors in indiana, michigan and louisiana have been able to pass reform plans that show great promise in improving outcomes”

“president obama has been hot on the campaign trail recently bemoaning how expensive college has become. he’s either ignorant to the economics or just blindly pandering to college students and hopefuls”
pell grants and other forms of federal aid to students and colleges are one of the major drivers of tuition increases
perhaps worse for students than a crowding out effect is the bennett effect, named for william bennett, who 25 years ago as secretary of education wrote for the new york times, “increases in financial aid in recent years have enabled colleges and universities blithely to raise their tuitions.”
as the american enterprise institute reports, the obama administration proposes spending $30 billion in order to save college graduates with student loan debt only about $25/month
“it’s not like the u.s. is projected to collapse under a mountain of crushing debt in the next twenty years or anything. what’s a little $30 billion expense?”
“next we find julia a few years into her web design career, thankfully reaping the benefits of obamacare!”
“before obamacare, julia and other american women were living in constant horror in their health insurance situations”
now, the obama administration has forced julia’s web design company to cover contraception – that $9/month that she’d have to pay out of pocket would be otherwise crippling – but julia is probably covered for prostate cancer as well!
“let’s ignore the absurdity that julia is now covered by federal mandate for a whole host of issues that she would never concern herself with. the federal government knows what kind of health insurance coverage is best, and julia’s got it!”
“now we find julia starting the same cycle for her child that she herself started when she was young!”
this is julia at age 37 – which means if julia is 3 years old today, it’s the year 2046
“if barack obama’s budget is followed, the economy will have long ago collapsed under the weight of debt and deficit brought on by out of control entitlement spending”
“but obama is going to go on pretending that these programs are just fine, and both the american economy and julia are doing fine in 2046”
“now julia’s a mid-career woman starting her own business! let’s hope that she doesn’t have to organize her small business as a sole proprietorship!”
“that would force julia into a class of people that president obama sees as a piggy bank to pay for every government program he wants to pass”
“obama wants to raise top individual tax rates and institute a “buffett rule”, disproportionately harming small business owners”
“finally, we find julia at the end of her road, living comfortably and retired, all thanks to the federal government! in fact, she’s subsisting on government-provided social security and medicare”
“once again, the obama campaign is simply ignoring the greatest issue facing our time: the entitlement spending driving debts and deficits that are going to sink america in little more than twenty years”
“reality check: medicare and social security face a $63 trillion long-term deficit – $35 trillion of which is going to come due within julia’s lifetime”
the role of a confidence man is not to convince skeptics, but to help the gullible believe what they want to believe”
“most of what barack obama says sounds very persuasive if you don’t know the facts – and often sounds like sheer nonsense if you do”
alinsky’s “rules for radicals” includes a dedication in which …
alinsky gives “an acknowledg-ment to the very first radical
… who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively …
… “that he at least won his own kingdom — lucifer”
in the bible, lucifer was cast out of heaven with his followers for trying to be above the level of god, i.e. self-worshiping and self-exalting
that is, exalting yourself to a higher being or god status which allows you to make your own moral decisions without respecting the limitations of any external moral reference frame
whether he calls it that or not, obama exalting himself to transform america according to the goals of his own perverse personal morality that he learned
what “kind” of kingdom did “lucifer”/”satan” “rule” or “lead”?
“by the skillful and sustained use of propaganda, one can make a people see even heaven as hell or an extremely wretched life as paradise” – hitler
“make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it”
“the broad masses of a population are more amenable to the appeal of rhetoric than to any other force”
“all propaganda has to be popular and has to accommodate itself to the comprehension of the least intelligent of those whom it seeks to reach”
“The receptivity of the MASSES is very limited, their intelligence is small, but their power of FORGETTING is ENORMOUS” – Adolf Hitler
“In consequence of these facts, all effective propaganda must be limited to a very few points and must harp on these in slogans until the last member of the public understands what you want him to understand by your slogan.” – Adolf Hitler
“I use EMOTION for the MANY and reserve REASON for the FEW”
“Great LIARS are also great magicians” – Adolf Hitler
“The first thing a man will do for his ideals is lie” – Joseph A. Schumpeter
“The quality of ideas seems to play a minor role in mass movement leadership. What counts is the AROGANT gesture, the complete disregard of the opinion of others, the singlehanded defiance of the world.”
– Eric Hoffer
Jonah Goldberg: “just as the line between good totalitarianism and bad is easily crossed …
dreams can quickly become nightmares”power and “promises”: “utopia” becomes dystopia;

in modern times, a leader who makes use their charisma and public speaking to EXPLOIT popular prejudices, fears and false claims and promises in order TO GAIN POWER

POLARIZATION is to DIVIDE a diverse range of things into TWO POLES
A demagogue breaks everything into two camps: the one s/he REPRESENTS GOOD (the in-group) and EVIL (the out-group)
polarization enables the demagogue to divide and conquer.
there are only two options, only two policies, only two groups
these terms greatly simplify complicated issues and justifies anger against large groups of people
demon-ization: a person or group attacked for delivering criticism
the demagogue gets “personal” (ad hominem) to promote and justify hatred of the
“out-group” destroy your opponent by character assassination
feelings of anger and fear manipulate the populace so that “facts” become irrelevant
scapegoating is one person or group on whom one dumps all responsibility for a situation
(the “blame game”) scapegoating is polarizing, creating “us” and “them”
The scapegoat BEARS ALL the BLAME, while the scapegoaters feel a SENSe of RIGHTEOUSNESS and INCREASED UNITY
Scapegoating is “stereotyping” and “oversimplification” – all share the same negative trait.
It is “DENIAL”- other major culprits are without responsibility.
STRAW MAN – The demagogue misrepresents the opposition to make it look really stupid,
so it’s easy to knock down … so it’s easy to knock down, rather like jousting with a straw man
rather than a real opponent.
SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS – SINCERITY – If a demogague is “morally pure” or has the
“right” motivations, then their actions cannot be questioned.
“Feelings”, not “facts” dominate politics.
Demagogues are willing to lie, and are often caught in telling lies.
The “truth” is they lie “TO” all of us, by lying “FOR” some of us.
The first thing a man will do for his ideals is lie. – Joseph A. Schumpeter
A demagogue never claims that the situation is complicated to explain, nor that the solution is difficult to grasp.
Demagogues use over-simplification – the perception that political problems and solutions are easy to understand.
The “SOLUTION” is SIMPLE and straightforward.
Gustave Le Bon’s book The Crowd (the main influence on Hitler’s rhetoric) insists that the masses can only grasp simple ideas:
… “crowds can only be influenced on condition they assume a very absolute, uncompromising, and SIMPLE shape”
DOUBLE-SPEAK Demagogues CONFUSE by using contradictory language.

President Obama Suffers from THREE MENTAL DISORDERS!
by Dr. Mai Latnem of the Los Angeles County Mental Health Association May 27, 2013

people, such as president barak obama, when they suffer from one mental disorder, are inclined to suffer from multiple mental disorders. this article will outline the three disorders
according to the ‘diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders, there are eight conditions to NARCISSISTIC PERSONALITY DISORDER
President Barack Obama ‘expects to be recognized as superior and special, without superior accomplishments.’ This was evidenced immediately upon his election to the Presidency by his unearned peace prize from the pulitzer committee
Furthermore, Obama President Barack Obama obsessively desires constant attention and admiration. That’s two of the seven items.
President Obama is preoccupied with FANTASIES of success and great power. Three of the characteristics necessary for this disease.
President Barack Obama is ARROGANT. This is manifest in his attitudes and behavior. Four items.
he has expectations of being treated special, and these expectations are unrealistic. five items, and we have more to consider.
believes that others envy him. six.
barack obama lacks any true feelings of empathy with the feelings or desires of others
this is true specifically for any who don’t agree with his self-perceived greatness, or his goals or agenda. seven.
thus, president obama displays a full seven of the eight items necessary to qualify for the narcissistic personality disorder

in the world of barack obama only one person matters, and that is barack obama. he has no feelings for others, as he does not even recognize others as human beings worthy of existence
in the world of barack obama only one person matters, and that is barack obama. he has no feelings for others, as he does not even recognize others as human beings worthy of existence. proof is his attitude towards persons of a conservative political viewpoint.
2) gross irresponsibility for social norms, rules, and obligations
obama feels no responsibilities for rules, as evidenced by his callous disregard for the constitution. he has attempted to pervert it at every step, issues his own executive orders to bypass it, and has even set up a secondary government so he will not be in a position to have to deal with it
3) incapacity to experience guilt
obama does not feel guilt for his own actions, and cannot take responsibility for them
For instance, he is continually blaming the Republicans for his own failures to get his agenda implemented. Further, when any emergency happens, such as Benghazi, the IRS scandal, and so on, if he can’t blame somebody he falls back on the simple phrase…’I don’t know.’
4) readiness to BLAME OTHERS or OFFER RATIONALIZATIONS for conflict
To say I don’t know’ when one is being irresponsible shields the person from his own irresponsibility.
President Barack Obama suffers from a light form of SCHIZOPHRENIA. There are several factors, or conflicts, that must exist in the personality of the person suffering from this disease. Here is a sketch of the CONFLICTS in PRESIDENT BARAK OBAMA’s MIND
barack obama was born of a white parent and a black parent. thus, he is torn between two races, each of which contributes to the ‘split’ in his thinking
taken by itself, this is not sufficient to cause schizophrenia. many people have mixed parentage, and even are better for it
when put together with other ‘half and halfs’ in the president’s thinking, however, it becomes quite sufficient to be considered a factor in full blown schizophrenia
president obama was raised muslim, then turned to christianity.
this is a severe tear between the viewpoints of a man
by itself, this is still not sufficient to cause schizophrenia. others live with this proposed dilemma, and never experience any difficulty
in president barack obama’s case, however, the ends are coming loose
this is shown by his spouting of christian terms and considerations during his speeches, in opposition to his continuous apologies to the muslim world and the leaders thereof
these are the hallmarks of a conflicted man
there is also the less serious, but contributing, factor of communism vs capitalism. this factor contributes because it indicates belief systems in conflict
he espouses capitalism, but hires (appoints) nothing but communist flavored personalities
thus, he is
never able to make up his mind as to which path he should follow, the lesser government of capitalism, or the greater government of communism
he has caused great debt, and inflicted an irresponsible health care system on the country, but in reality he has only caused harm in contributing to the array of silent and not so silent wars around the globe
he ignores the constitution in pursuit of his own ends, but he has not yet caused civil war in the u.s.
and, perhaps he won’t. perhaps he will suffer through his presidency as inept
there is always the chance, however, that his mental illness will flare up …
… and then the dogs of war will be unleashed; civil war, global war, war on an unprecedented scale as obama tries to remake the world in his own anti-social and schizophrenic personality

Auguste Comte’s Religion of Humanity finds a 21st-century savior.
by James W. Ceaser Jan 25, 2010

a drop in some degree in public approval is not unusual and might even be regarded as natural. campaigns feed on dreams, governing confronts realities
“but obama’s decline appears to hold greater significance than for past presidents, as it reflects a qualitative change in perception of his image”
“this shift became clear during his acceptance of the nobel peace prize, an award that was proposed just as he took office and THAT REFLECTED the HEADY EXPECTATIONS of the CAMPAIGN”
“in oslo, obama was a much-diminished figure, compelled by the public’s judgment of his record to concede that “my accomplishments are slight”
“the actor will smith, invited to perform at a gala honoring the president, harked back to the spirit of the campaign: “barack obama as an idea marks an evolutionary flash point for humanity”
“smith’s comment holds the key to explaining the gap between the two obamas”
“the 2008 campaign was an event that unfolded on an entirely different plane from ordinary politics”
“it signaled the emergence on a worldwide scale of the “religion of humanity,” for which obama became the symbol”
“what americans have discovered is that being the representative of this transpolitical movement does not fit easily, if it fits at all, with serving as president of the united states”
“in an epic journey, obama came from nowhere, and against all odds, to capture the presidency”
“his campaign, which was so brilliant in building enthusiasm and attracting support, did little to provide americans with a clear idea of where he planned to take the country”
“the result has been a disconnect between obama as candidate and as president”
“only the most rare of persons, after being the object for over a year of such unrelenting adulation, could have resisted the temptation to think that the world revolved around him. barack obama is clearly not that person”
“his speeches and remarks are filled with references to himself in a ratio that surpasses anything yet seen in the history of the american presidency”
“the 2008 campaign was about something much larger than barack obama”
“the character of the event will not be grasped until the focus begins to shift from barack obama to the yearning for barack obama”
“it is in the thoughts and actions of those who adored him that the most interesting and important dimension of the campaign took place”
“the rise of the religion of humanity is what best describes this event”
“this strange term designates an actual sect, now defunct, that enjoyed a considerable following and prestige in intellectual circles in the 19th century”
“john stuart mill was a prominent convert, pronouncing the “culte de l’humanité [to be] capable of fully supplying the place for a religion, or rather (to say the truth) of being a religion”
“in america, where the religion wore the respectable label of the “church of humanity,” the acolytes included the well-known journalist david croly and his son herbert, the founder and longtime editor of the new republic”
“mill and croly were both intellectual disciples of the french social philosopher auguste comte (1798-1857)”
“though rarely studied in america today, comte bequeathed an enormous legacy. he was the first to simplify and popularize the idea of a progressive movement of history,”
“he [comte] described as proceeding through three great epochs: the age of theological thinking, the age of metaphysical thinking, and the age of scientific or “positivistic” thinking”
“the inevitable march of humanity (still with a small h) through these stages, albeit at different rates in different places, was the great story of history”
“variations among nations and groups might continue, but they paled in significance next to the common destiny of humanity”
“those who continued to view the world in terms of nations and their conflicts – comte called them “retrogrades” – were caught in old thinking,” …
“retrogrades” – were caught in old thinking, unable to grasp the new global order being formed by the forces generated by positivism”
“comte argued that it was time to expand man’s scientific knowledge of the physical world to the social realm”
“a new science of society, “sociology” (comte’s term), was the latest and highest of all the sciences”
“possession of knowledge of the laws of social movement was what ideally bestowed the title to rule”
“comte and his circle were never much impressed by democracy and favored instead one system or another of governance by experts”
“but there was an important twist to comte’s praise of science”
“comte insisted that people had to believe”
“as faith in the transcendent was no longer -possible in the positivist age, he called for “replacing god with humanity”
“the aim of this religion without god was to build a global community that assured the betterment of man’s lot”
the“great” revolutionary
“given the suspicion that many today hold toward religion of any kind, comte’s insistence on the need for a religion might seem to run counter to modern sensibilities”
“the combination of confidence in science and a religious-like enthusiasm was the hallmark of the obama campaign, just as it is the most salient characteristic of the contemporary progressive impulse”
“confidence in experts and the pledge to “restore science to its rightful place” went hand in hand with chants of “yes we can” and with celebrations of the gift of charismatic leadership”
“what was more farfetched was comte’s plan to establish an organized sect with churches, clergy, and calendar of positivist saints”
“his movement in fact never reached much beyond the intellectual elites”
“[comte] envisaged an initial period of syncretism in which existing christian sects would adopt the fundamental premises of the new religion without officially becoming part of it”
“what better describes the theology of many contemporary liberal churches whose full energy in 2008 went into proselytizing for obama?”
“there is one point, however, on which comte’s idea of the religion of humanity, was inadequate”
“social improvement, however admirable, was too elevated a goal to mobilize people and sustain their devotion”
“the contemporary movement has gone beyond the original to discover a new and firmer basis for promoting solidarity in the great cause of confronting climate change”
“here is a project that can unite people in waging the moral equivalent of war against a common threat”
“the liturgy has been vastly strengthened by allowing the ecological soldiers to glimpse the moment of their glorious triumph, when, in candidate obama’s words, “the rise of the oceans began to slow and the planet began to heal”
“this moment marked the dividing time between the pre- and post-obama eras”
“it is the subtext of james cameron’s movie avatar, which represents the next “flashpoint” in the evolutionary development of humanity”
“the confluence of the religion of humanity with the obama campaign has every appearance of being a providential event”
“anti-americanism, was given a human face in the first decade of this century when it was joined to the personage of george w. bush”
“it was invested with every element deemed to be retrograde:”
“the primacy of the nation, a claim of exceptionalism, and a set of principles – “nature and nature’s god” – grounded in theology and metaphysics”
“the world was depicted as comprising two fundamental “substances,” bush and non-bush, that were locked in a cosmic conflict”
“barack obama’s coming served as the galvanizing force to carry the day for the cause of progress”
“although obama never conceived himself as playing a universal role when he launched his presidential bid, he awakened at some point in the campaign to the realization that he was no longer running merely for president of the united states”
“he was being selected for the much grander “office” of leader of a new world community”
“his credentials for this position were impeccable. humanity as a concept formally includes everyone, but it is especially favorable to those who have previously been excluded from full recognition”
“obama was in the category of the dispossessed, a member of a race against which some of the greatest crimes in history were perpetrated”
“this fact immediately commended him to western intellectuals at the same time that it enabled him to be the plausible representative of the teeming masses of the third world”
“no one from a privileged race could ever have fulfilled this role”
“just as important was the fact that obama is not purely african-american … but a product of amalgamation postracial or, as he himself put it, a “mutt”
“this look, favored among international fashion models, represents physically the common denominator of humanity”
“religiously, too, obama, though a christian, has ties through his father to islam, a fact he proclaims on some of his overseas trips”
“he was the embodiment of all men”
“while holding these biological qualities of both the dispossessed and of humanity”
“obama is a member of the clerisy of the religion of humanity, having been credentialed at columbia, harvard and chicago and stamped as one holding progressive views”
“in what measure has barack obama as president embraced this other role of leader of humanity? ”
“obama’s two offices complemented one another, promoting the goals of humanity while serving america’s interest”
“by standing above or outside america, he could best help america”
“whatever the plausibility of these arguments, their merit over the past year has been tested and found wanting”
“obama’s authority as leader of humanity has not borne the fruit that many had hoped for, and in any … his standing in the world is now in a free fall”
“realism dictates an adjustment”
“the fact that such a change has been so slow in coming suggests that it is not realism that is obama’s guiding light, but a commitment to the dogmas of the religion of humanity”
“another instance of the conflict americans now perceive between the two roles”
… “comes in the form of obama’s repeated efforts to blame george w. bush (or “the last eight years”) for every difficulty or problem that the nation confronts”
“on first encounter, there would seem to be nothing more in this tactic than an ordinary political calculation designed to win support and deflect criticism”
“but this technique, which is standard fare for a presidential campaign, at a certain point is bound to appear unpresidential”
“it displays weakness by evidencing a desire to evade responsibility, especially for a president who based his inaugural address on calling for “a new era of responsibility”
“opinions may differ on whether the “blame bush first” policy is obsessive or demagogic, but it is by now clear that it is counterproductive”
“for the religion of humanity, the attack on bush, both the man and the “substance,” is a matter of dogma”
“if obama were to desist, he would relinquish his higher office”
“the same pressure to hew to the dictates of the new religion is evident in the efforts of obama’s supporters to save postpartisanship from the simple hoax that most now believe it to have been. postpartisanship, we are told, never meant anything as mundane as dealing with the other party. it referred instead to working with those who embrace the consensus of the new era”
“the standard for inclusion is not an expression of popular will, but criteria supplied by the idea of progress”
“what has made many americans increasingly suspicious of the office of leader of humanity is their growing perception that it rests ultimately on contempt for the people”
“the conflicting demands of the religion of humanity and the presidency of the united states have become most apparent ”
“the religion of humanity, by its own reckoning, admits to facing challenges from two quarters: ”
… “from those [“hereticts”] who have not yet fully entered the age of positivism, which includes the terrorists”
“and from those who are part of the advanced world but who refuse to embrace it, which includes the likes of george w. bush”
“the existence of the terrorists is regrettable, not only because of the physical threat that they pose,” …
“but also because, by doing so, they risk strengthening the hand of those in the west who reject the religion of humanity”
“supporters of the religion of humanity therefore believe they have good reason to deny or minimize the danger of terrorism in order to save the world from the even greater danger of the triumph of the retrograde forces”
“this is the dogmatic basis of political correctness, and obama and his team have gone to considerable lengths by their policies and by their use of language to hide reality”
“but reality has a way of asserting itself”
“it is becoming clearer by the day that being the leader of humanity is incompatible with being the president of the united states”

james w. ceaser is a visiting fellow at the hoover institution and professor of politics at the
university of virginia