by Michael Jackson

As he came into the window

It was the sound of a CRESCENDO
He came into her apartment

He left the BLOODSTAINS on the CARPET

She RAN underneath the TABLE

He could see she was unable

So she ran into the BEDROOM
She was STRUCK DOWN, it was HER DOOM

Annie are you OK ?
 So, Annie are you ok?

Will you TELL US that you’re OK?

There’s a SIGN in the WINDOW

That he struck you a crescendo Annie

He came into your apartment

And the bloodstains on the carpet

Then you ran into the bedroom

You were struck down, it was your doom

You’ve been hit by
 You’ve been hit by

So they came into the outway

It was Sunday, what a black day

Mouth to mouth RESUSCITATION

Sounding heartbeats, INTIMIDATIONS

Will you tell us that you’re ok?

There’s a sign in the window

That he struck you a crescendo Annie

He came into your apartment

Left the bloodstains on the carpet

Then you ran into the bedroom

You were struck down, it was YOUR DOOM

EXPLOITATION – “Smooth Criminal”

EXPLOITATION: USE of one or something for the benefit of another; an “unequal” relationship some (the “strong”) taking advantage of another (the “weak”)
The following is an analysis of exploitation. To what extent is exploitation “wrong”, a violation of “IDEALS” that can and should be PREVENTED and eliminated. OR, is exploitation a “FACT” of life, inherent and UNpreventable, a “REALITY” of the human condition and history?

“SMOOTH CRIMINAL” – An Interpretation

An opinion: “I think the song is about a girl being ‘played’”. 

”He came into her apartment” means SHE LET HIM into her HEART and TRUSTED him. “He left the bloodstains on the carpet” – he didn’t try to fix anything after he broke her heart. “She ran underneath the table” He could see she was unable, So she ran into the bedroom” – she wasn’t sure about him at first but decided to give him a CHANCE.

The guy was a “PLAYER”, and the girl is left with a broken heart and has to find a way to clean up the MESS on HER OWN. 

”So they came into the outway
 It was Sunday – what a black day 
Mouth to mouth Resuscitation 
Sounding heartbeats – intimidation”

The DAY AFTER the intimate encounter, the girl feels BAD because she realizes he did NOT CARE. Her heart is shattered. Just the thought of getting close to anyone again is too much for her. She gave her heart away and ended up just being used.

___ 1)Human beings have an INNATE sense of “JUSTICE” and MORALITY (right and wrong). People and nations “exploiting” each other is WRONG, breeding injustice and unfairness in the world.

Exploitation can be PREVENTED because of humanity’s MORAL NATURE. “PROGRESS” is POSSIBLE – humanity has a CAPACITY and OBLIGATION to make life “BETTER”, to practice JUDGEMENT, SEPARATE good from bad.

Humanity is not simple “animals” in “The Jungle” in a state of “NATURE”. HUMAN NATURE reveals our INhumanity, our INBORN, INNATE MORAL “COMPASS” and “CONSCIENCE”.

___2)Exploitation is a “FACT” of life. Humans are IMmoral and “NAUGHTY by NATURE”, PREDATORY, ANTI-SOCIAL creatures, part of nature’s “FOOD CHAIN”. The “reality” of life is that we ALL USE EACH OTHER on certain levels. Exploitation is both a necessary, INescapable and “natural” part of life in “The Jungle”.

Life in this world is TRAGICALLY “MIXED UP” – good and bad, love and hate, pleasure and pain, LOYALTY and BETRAYAL. The “line” between SELF-INTEREST and SELFISHNESS if EASILY “CROSSED”.

A “UTOPIAN” world view that we can STOP and END “EXPLOITATION” is FOOL-ish, NAIVE, SIMPLISTIC, SHALLOW and DELUSIONAL “WISHFUL THINKING”. We all BOTH benefit and suffer from it with OUR HUMAN “DISEASE”.

3)“Mankind is His own most vexing problem”. – Reinhold Niebuhr
Human morality is tragic-ally “MIXED UP”. Our “natural” instincts are confronted by our “super-natural” intuitional sense of our Inhumanity. (“good” vs “evil”)

Human beings are BOTH the SOURCE and SOLUTIONS to the world’s PROBLEMS.
All of humanity are “VICTIMS” – OF OURSELVES.