Insanely expensive BATTERIES

If you keep adding wind or solar to the grid, a point is reached when the grid can’t handle peak generation from wind or solar.

A certain number of FOSSIL fuel plants must be on line to REGULATE the GRID, setting a maximum peak amount of wind or solar allowed.

If wind or solar becomes too strong it has to be curtailed, meaning that the energy is effectively THROWN AWAY.

STATE LAWS that force adding more wind or solar than is easily handled have forced utilities to SUPPLEMENT wind or solar with BATTERIES, added to ABSORB peaks and move the power to a different time of day.

The Gemini project near Las Vegas will COST $1.5 BILLION and generate electricity for about 10 TIMES as MUCH as using EXISTING GAS plants.

The Gemini BATTERY SYSTEM will COST $500 MILLION and the batteries will have to be replaced periodically at a cost of $300 million each time.