American Revolution REVIEW-REACTION

Answer the following questions. Then briefly explain the reason why you agree or disagree, using one to three complete sentences.

1)The British government was justified for asking it’s American colonies to pay taxes for their own SELF-protection after the French-Indian War. They enjoyed the benefits of British military protection – they should help PAY for it.   Agree? ____ Disagree? ____ Explain: (in 1-3 complete sentences

2)The British government violated the American colonists “rights” by TAXING them without representation in Parliament and in a variety of other ways.

3)Parliament had every right to declare it’s power to tax the American colonies. Parliament taxed those in the British Isles. Why not America?

4)British government placed an unfair and unwise economic burden on it’s colonies. While the government did not directly benefit from taxes from the colonies, all of Britain benefited indirectly from them?  Why burden them with taxes they viewed as threats to their liberties?

5)The Declaration of Independence was a brilliant and “eloquent” justification for the American colonies to declare their independence against “tyranny.”  The document and its principles (e.g. “all men are created equal”) inspired is still the basis for modern self-government.

6)The Declaration of Independence was a “WHINE-y” document that EXAGGERATED the “TYRANNY” of King and Parliament. The American colonists enjoyed MORE freedoms and rights than 99% people in the world and enjoyed the benefits of being part of the British Empire.

7)The American Revolution was PREVENTABLE. If the British government did not mismanage things the way they did, the American colonies would not have rebelled.

8)The American Revolution was INEVITABLE. Forget all the elaborate reasons for revolution – the American colonies would never settle for anything less than their own self-government. Revolutionary War veteran Levi Preston best summarized this by stating, “We always meant to GOVERN OURSELVES. They meant we shouldn’t.”