“unique” in history, different OR “arrogant” – all nations are “exceptional”
beginning of revolutionary “new” world OR our “greatness” the “fruit of evil”
a “refuge” from old world’s oppression OR we are the oppressors – “enemy”
founded on “noble” principles OR self-righteous pride, hubris
being “different” made it successful OR “different” leading to pride/arrogance,
Founders self-less, political geniuses OR Founders elitist exploiters, oppressors
“City on a Hill”-role models for world OR stereotypical “rude, ugly, stupid
individual life, liberty, pursuit of happiness OR collective social INjustice
The American Dream OR the World’s “Nightmare”
egalitarian, individualistic “content of character” OR elitist, arrogant,

experiment in self-government OR imperial domination oppressing foreign nations
alternative to feudal tyranny around world OR hypocritical tyranny,
victim-izing world
belief in promise-“In God We Trust” OR betrayal of promise-sold soul to the devil
“divine-ly” inspired, inalienable rights OR evil, selfish economic interests

Constitutional civil rights OR legal-social segregation and institutional bigotry
government of “laws”, not men OR “property is 9/10 of the law” (social IN-ju$tice)
ALL people created equal OR “income inequality the biggest issue of our time”
tolerance (fueled by individualism) OR our “collective sins”-
racism, sexism, capitalism
“E Pluribus Unum” – out of many, one OR xenophobia (fear of outsider), homophobia
pluralism (freedom of choice) OR need for “political correctness” (conformity)

race-less – color-blind ideals OR AmeriKKKa – racist, even “genocidal” history
world’s most color-blind society OR institutionally racist
(e.g. “white privilege”)
slavery, racism not uniquely American- founded-perpetuated slavery (original sin),
abolitionist movement to END slavery OR “King” cotton perpetuated slave economy
unique- fought Civil War to END slavery-segregation continues after war(1865-1963)
slavery still exists in Africa,around worldOR slavery a continuing American legacy

immigrant friendly, accepting world’s “rejects” OR xenophobic (fear of “outsider”)
Statue of Liberty – “Give me your tired, …” OR “America First”; Know Nothings-KKK
cultural “melting pot” OR cultural “arrogance”, false superiority
”white man’s burden” and “blessings” OR “burden” of racism, hypocrisy, oppression?
Industrial Revolution – wealth, democracy, OR made world “slaves of the machine”
technology, medicine, law, education OR we are not “center of the universe”