1920s POLITICS – Republican Presidents Harding, Coolidge & Hoover

Read the handouts on 1920s Presidents Warren Harding, Calvin Coolidge and
Herbert Hoover. All were “typically Republican” Presidents.
List if the following statements describe 1920s Presidents Harding, Coolidge, or Hoover.

_________1)He was elected in 1920.
_________2)He succeeded Harding after Harding’s sudden death in 1923.
_________3)He was elected in 1928. (defeating “Catholic” Al Smith)
_________4)He was first referred to as “Mr. President” by his father late at night, who
“swore” him in with a copy of the Constitution.
_________5)He was successful small-town businessman (owned a newspaper, bank
director, lumber company and telephone exchange)
_________6)He was Secretary of Commerce during much of a very prosperous 1920s.
(He was viewed as a brilliant and even “miracle” manager.)
_________7)He optimistically said, “The poorhouse is vanishing from us.”
_________8)Nicknamed ”Silent Cal”, he had an image of being quiet and honest.
(When two people met him, one had made a bet that he could get this
President to say more than two words. This President said, “You lose”
and walked away.)
_________9)He was friendly and easygoing and wanted more than anything else to be
“liked by others”. (He was a typical American who wanted a
“Return to Normalcy” as President.)
_________10)An orphan at nine years old, he was brought up by poor relatives
in Oregon.
_________11)He chewed tobacco and played trumpet in the local town band.
_________12)He “looked like a President”, being big, handsome and having a good
_________13)He was famous for his “luck”.
_________14)He was an American “rags to riches” story, a poor orphan who became a
multimillionaire by/before the time he became President.
_________15)He said, It is a good thing I am not a woman. I would always be pregnant.
I cannot say no.” (His political “friends” did “take advantage” of him
During his “scandalous” Presidency.)
_________16)After economic crash, he promised, “Prosperity is just around the corner.”
_________17) He held more elective offices (19) than any other President. (he was once
defeated for a school committee in Massachusetts.)
_________18)He was “pushed” into becoming President by his “mentor” Harry
Daugherty. (He actually hated many parts of “being President”)
_________19)After graduating from Stanford University, he started working in a Nevada
mine. By age forty, he had become a multimillionaire in the mining
_________20)He was famous for saying, “The business of America is business.” He
was pretty boring. He liked “stability” and “keeping out of trouble”.
His only hobbies were “walking and fishing on vacation.