Agree? Disagree?

___ 1)The Hippies were NOBLE “idealists” who recognized how the world COULD and SHOULD be.

Hippie counter-culture recognized the flaws and “evils” of the world they “INHERITED” from their parents and the “PAST”.

They bravely sought to “protest” the PAST of history and “culture” (our “way of life”) and CHANGE the world for the BETTER.

They sought a NEW “experience”, a BETTER life by seeking “utopia”.  Briefly explain:

___ 2)The Hippies were IDEALISTIC FOOLS, guilty of “wishful thinking” that IGNORED life’s “realities”.

Their “protest” were childish “temper-tantrums” that rejected the wisdom and experience of their parents, who “knew better”.

The truth and “trick” about the world is that the more things CHANGE, the more they stay the SAME.
The word “utopia” in Latin literally means “nowhere”. Briefly explain:

___3)Sly Stone’s song “Higher” is “HOPEFUL”, correctly OPTIMISTIC about making life BETTER.

It could be biological, through “pleasure” of the body. It could be psychological, “expanding” the “mind” and “consciousness” to make life a better “experience”.

It could be sociological, showing how people can make this world a better place. Or it could be cosmological, bringing us in “harmony” the “universe”. Briefly explain:

__4)Sly Stone’s song “HIGHER” exemplifies “HOPEFUL” WISHFUL THINKING.

Drug use only brings temporary, illusory “escape”. Drug use does not “expand” one’s “mind” and “consciousness”.

Addiction makes one a PRISONER to the SENSES and SELF.

The creation of pseudo-heaven results in hell, exposure to the “demons” of self and life. Briefly explain:

___5)The WOODSTOCK Music Festival in 1969 was “REVOLUTIONARY”, an extraordinary “EXPERIMENT” of people living the “utopian” life of PEACE, LOVE and HARMONY.

Woodstock was an example of human “potential” and “possibility”, what “our” world CAN and SHOULD be.

It showed how “heaven on earth” CAN be achieved if people set their mind to it.



___6)The WOODSTOCK Music Festival was a “DISASTER” in most respects.

People are Utopians who exaggerate by idealism’s superficial benefits.

Wishful thinking and WILLING BLINDNESS ignore the UGLY “realities” inherent to “life”.

The people who CLAIMED “HEAVEN on earth” left behind a giant “PIT” of GARBAGE, MUD and “EXCREMENT”.

Woodstock showed how human “PROBLEMS” OUTWEIGH any “PROGRESS”.

NOTHING CHANGES. It revealed our human LIMITATIONS, ignoring what cannot and never will be. Briefly explain: