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____ 1)Stalin “reneged” on Yalta promises of “free elections” in Soviet occupied Eastern Europe. The “alliance” between “east” and “west” was doomed to failure once they stopped fighting their common enemy – Hitler’s Germany. EXPLAIN:

____2)Stalin was justified to seek “allies” in Eastern Europe as a protective “shield” or “buffer” against invasion from the west.

The Russians had suffered through two invasions in two previous world wars in which tens of millions of Russians were killed.

Instead of being a “victim state”, the Soviets became a “superpower” and “empire”. EXPLAIN:

____ 3)Stalin and the Soviets were guilty of creating post-war conflict that became the “Cold War”.

Churchill was right in describing a communist “Iron Curtain” that spread Soviet domination and tyranny over countries used as “tools” of a Soviet “empire”. EXPLAIN:

___ 4)The U.S. is a greedy, imperialist “bully”, practicing economic exploitation and domination around the world. American economic greed is tyrannical.

Communist worldwide revolution was justified against capitalism exploitation and imperialism. EXPLAIN:

____ 5)Communist aggression in eastern Europe, Berlin, Korea and Vietnam was good reason for the West to fight for “freedom” and “prosperity” against the stated Marxist goal of violent revolution and domination of the world. EXPLAIN:

___ 6)Fidel Castro in Cuba and Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam were “freedom fighters” who fought to free their respective nations from exploitation from the “rich” and foreign domination. EXPLAIN:

___7)Fidel Castro and Ho Chi Minh were violent, thug “tyrants” far worse than the “dictators” they replaced.

Both spread communist poverty and oppression.

Missiles in Castro’s Cuba almost brought nuclear holocaust. Communist aggression in Vietnam led to the death of millions.

More people died in southeast Asia after Vietnamese “unification”in 1975 than in all the previous years of war.

Communist “progress” is a deadly joke. EXPLAIN

___ 8)The U.S. is guilty of backing (the Truman Doctrine) violent, oppressive “thug” dictators guilty of “tyranny”, (e.g. Vietnam, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Chile)

The U.S. hypocritically supports “tyranny” in the fight against the spread of communist “tyranny”.

The U.S. sponsored “oppression”, not spread “freedom. EXPLAIN:

___ 9)Marxist guerillas claim to be fighting for economic and social “justice”, but their “revolution” results in economic stagnation and poverty (e.g. Cuba, North Korea, Nicaragua)mass destruction, “chaos” and “oppression”. (e.g. Columbia, Angola)

The Marxist revolutionary “cause” and “ideal” of “social justice” is a hypocritical joke. EXPLAIN:

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___10)Ernesto “Che” Guevara is rightly considered an idealistic “freedom fighter” and “humanitarian”, fully dedicated to the cause of building a communist “utopia”.

He justly fought the “evils” of “Yankee imperialism” and bravely died a “martyr”. EXPLAIN:

__11)Che Guevara was a violent “thug”, a failed “rich boy” doctor who never “produced” anything except bringing death and destruction wherever he went. (Cuba, Argentina, Congo, Bolivia)

The “reality” is that “Che” was a hypocrite, not a “hero”.

He was an arrogant, intolerant “hater” who brought “hell”, not “heaven” on earth.

He was a murderer, not a martyr who “lived by the sword” and (not surprisingly) “died by the sword.” EXPLAIN:

12)American President Ronald Reagan was a dangerous “warmonger” and “cowboy” for confronting the “Evil Empire” of the Soviets.

He escalated the arms race, while supporting “dictators” and rich “elites” in Latin America (e.g. El Salvador, Nicaragua).

Reagan spread American “imperialism. (e.g. Grenada) around the world. EXPLAIN:

__13)Ronald Reagan was a great “Cold Warrior”. The Soviets were “evil”, spreading their “oppression” around the world.

He “upped the ante”, which resulted in Soviet decline. His “gunboat” and “moral” diplomacy helped end the Cold War, resulting in peace, prosperity and freedom for millions.

Also, Reagan was wise and courageous to actively resist the spread of Marxist violence and mass destruction, chaos, economic stagnation and political repression in Latin America. (e.g. Nicaraguan “Contras”, Grenada) EXPLAIN:

___14)Western “imperialism” is the world’s biggest problem, responsible for political “oppression” and economic “exploitation”. EXPLAIN:

___15)History has shown that Marxist “dictatorship of the proletariat” leads to just plain “dictatorship” and brings “economic” equality that leaves everyone equally poor. (e.g. North Korea, Cuba, Vietnam)

Marxism hypocritically reacts against capitalistic “exploitation” by replacing with a far worse “communist” exploitation. EXPLAIN:



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___ 16)The “VICES” of CAPITALISM (unequal prosperity) are still better the “BLESSINGS” of SOCIALISM (sharing “misery”) EXPLAIN:

__17)The Cold War was a battle between TWO imperialistic, arrogant BULLIES, NEITHER side in which I like.

The “Third World” was “victimized”, caught between the two “evils” of the capitalist and communist ‘worlds”. EXPLAIN:

__18 )The “problems” of the “Third World” (poverty, violence, oppression) are “unfixable”.

The West is often “scapegoated” for the Third World’s hopeless, self-inflicted problems.

The idea that Marxist “Revolution” will change or “fix” the Third World is a joke.