10-7 World War Two:


Write a two to three sentence response, explaining why you agree or disagree?

Agree? Disagree?

____ 1)The ancient Greeks felt human beings were given the ability from “nature” to speak and reason, people can discover what is right and wrong, what is good and bad, and what is just and unjust.

Humanity has “ideals” and “morality” which allow us to “TRANSCEND” our brutal “animal” nature.  Briefly explain.

___2)Hitler: “I do not see why man should not be as cruel as animals; Only FORCE rules. FORCE is the first law”; “Humanitarianism is the expression of stupidity and cowardice.”; “Those who want to live, let them fight, and those who do not want to fight in this world of eternal struggle do not deserve to live.

Hitler was a “realist” about human nature.

Hitler was right in thinking humanity are “animals” who need only live by the “Law of the JUNGLE” – SURVIVAL of the FITTEST.  The strong live, the weak die. Briefly explain.

____3)The Germans were “reasonable” people who were ruthlessly manipulated by the evil Nazis.

For example, Schindler says that the Nazi Camp Commander Goeth was a “good guy” put in a very bad spot by his Nazi superiors.

Goeth was a normally “reasonable” man caught in the circumstances of war that made him do bad or “evil” things.

Evil is “learned” or forced upon people EXTERNALLY. Briefly explain.

____ 4)Hitler: “Our strength lies in our intensive attacks and our barbarity…  After all, who today remembers the genocide of the Armenians?” HITLER.

The Holocaust is evidence that human nature is more governed by passion, “irrationality” and injustice?  

There is no satisfactory “reasonable” rationale for what the Germans and Nazis did.  There is no excuse for their evil behavior. Briefly explain:

____ 5) Aristotle: “For just as man is the best of the animals when completed, when people are both separated from law and adjudication he is the worst of all”. Aristotle describes the “best” and “worst” parts of humanity.  (humanity’s “inhumanity”)
Is humanity “reasonable” and/or “good” OR irrational and/or “evil”? Briefly explain.

____6)It is when people form together as GROUP, under the “MASK” of righteousness, that people lose a sense of individual responsibility and act like “BEASTS”. (the MOB).

People do things in groups that they would not ordinarily do as individuals.  Briefly explain:

____ 7)People act like “beasts”, regardless if they are in groups or as individuals.  Man’s Inhumanity to man knows no difference between group or individual. Briefly explain.

____8)German General Ludendorf – “By appointing Hitler Chancellor of the Reich, you have handed over our sacred German Fatherland to one of the greatest DEMAGOGUES of all time.

A demagogue gains political POWER by appealing to popular PREJUDICES, FEARS, and expectations, use of HALF-TRUTHS, omissions, and distortions, giving bad-faith arguments for POLITICAL GAIN.

Hitler appealed to the ethnic and nationalistic PREJUDICES and VANITIES of the German people, exploiting bitter and misled Germans and directing blame at other convenient SCAPEGOATS.

The Germans as a nation are RESPONSIBLE and GUILTY for the rise of Hitler and the parts they played in “holocaust” and “genocide”. Briefly explain.

___ 9)We should NOT be so JUDGMENTAL about the German nation. “The Wave” is is proof that ANY people (even rich American ones) is vulnerable to the LURES of FASCISM, especially those suffering and/or frustrated.

This could happen to ANY people, especially those “victimized” by Versailles and World War One and the Great Depression.
Briefly explain.

___10)Genocide is a reoccuring thing in modern human history. This is a lesson we as human beings NEVER seem to LEARN or REFUSE to STOP.

Is genocide AVOIDABLE or INEVITABLE? Briefly explain.

___11)What some perceive as “evil” are EXTERNAL, “ACCIDENTS” of history. 

Mankind is essentially “good”, but sometimes “victims” of their “ENVIRONMENT”.

___12)The CAPACITY for “EVIL” is INHERENT to HUMAN NATURE, a “MONSTER” that lurks in ALL of US.

Only clueless and foolish people can DENY and minimize historical evil by claiming it is only an  “accidental”, “circumstantial” and/or “superficial” aspect of human nature, behavior and history.

Many-most people are BLIND and FOOLED to what should seem OBVIOUS.

___13)The issue of historical “BLAME” for genocidal evil is tragically complicated.

Was Hitler’s Germany a horrific “accident” of history that hid the fact that RUSSIA is/was far more anti-Semitic and Stalin’s Soviet Union was far more “genocidal”, starving more of his “own” people than Hitler killed Jews.

No one people owns a “monopoly” on either genocidal evil and/or “victimization”.  The Nazis killed as many “Gentiles” as he did Jews.

Germany has gone from being unapologetically HOMICIDAL and GENOCIDAL under Hitler to being PATHOLOGICAL, even SUICIDAL under Angela Merkl in the 21st Century. in an apparent attempt to “atone for their sins of the past” and paralyzed by genocidal guilt.  

The Germans are not that “unique” in that sense –


Humankind’s “IN-HUMANITY” is SOURCED in its “HUMANITY”; “People ARE people, so why should you and I get along so AWFULLY”.;  The singer and song ANSWERS HIS OWN QUESTION.

People are OBLIVIOUS to the OBVIOUS!

There is NO ESCAPING the “FACT” we live in a TRAGIC-cally “MIXED UP world.

Our “humanity” is both the “SOLUTION” and “SICKNESS”, the “CAUSE” and the “CURE”.

We are ALL tragically “INFECTED” with the human “DISEASE”.