1)Historians debate over whether Stalin’s dictatorship marked a decisive break with previous communist practice (i.e. Was Stalin a “traitor” to the “true” communist revolution?)
2)OR was Stalin a logical continuation of the brutal and dictatorial system installed
under his predecessor, Lenin??? Did Stalin finish what Lenin started?
3)According to scholar Richard Pipes, “Every ingredient of what has come to be
known as Stalinism save one – murdering fellow communists – he had
learned from Lenin; his ideology and modus operandi (ways of operating) were Lenin’s.”
4)Lenin’s “Principles of Revolution” included, 1)a small group of “professional”
revolutionaries; 2)strict “party” discipline and 3)conspiracy and secrecy. (“gangland” tactics)
5)Was Stalin “Michael Corleone” in relation to Lenin, “The Godfather”???
Were the Bolsheviks “gangsters”. with Stalin being the world’s ultimate “gangster”.
6)Was Marx’s “dictatorship of the Proletariat” and “Bolshevism” destined to become
just “plain” old dictatorship? Did Marxist, utopian “heaven on earth” become hell?
7)When Stalin’s mother was on her deathbed, Josip visited her briefly. When
she asked him what he did with his time, he paused and told her,
“I’m something like the Czar.” Ironically, after working to overthrow the “corrupt” rule
and legacy of the Czars, did Stalin become the “ Greatest Czar”?
8)Was the relationship between Stalin, Communist Party and proletariat (workers)
much different than the Czar, Boyars and peasant serfs of “feudal” Russia?
9)OR was Stalin man times more abusive, oppressive and “autocratic”
than any “tyrannical” Czar who had ever lived?
10)Stalin created a “totalitarian” state in which all aspects of life were controlled
and/or regulated by the state.
11)Totalitarianism insisted on mass conformity – one way to do things.
12)Stalin’s dictatorship went beyond just authoritarian control and loyalty.
Stalin used the state to control the hearts and minds of the Soviet people.
13)Did Russians trade the “iron fist” rule of the Mongols and Czars for the “steel fist”
rule of Stalin, replacing feudal “tyranny” with a “modern” dictatorship?
14)Was Stalin an historic “MONSTER” and/or “freak” ACCIDENT of Russian
history, an “evil” causing the unnecessary deaths of tens of millions of people?
15)OR was Stalin a “Modernizing Magician”, who took Russia from “victim state” to
“world power,. from “dominated” to “dominator in world record time”. (20+ years)
16)World War One was a disaster for Russia, ending Romanov Czarist rule. (1613-1917)
17)After near disaster during World War Two (1939-1945), the Soviet Union would emerge
as a world “SUPER POWER”.
18)Was a leader like Stalin necessary to make Russia “great”?
the only “real” way to quickly modernize a feudal and “backwards” Russia?
19)Was it worth the human cost, bringing them, ‘so far, so fast”? OR
Did Stalin’s rapid industrialization actually prevent it from defeat to Nazi Germany?
20)Stalin committed genocide on his own people, yet was the “father” of the “Soviet” people
a man admired, evened revered by millions as the builder of Soviet “GREATNESS”.
Was this “PROGRESS? Was it worth the PRICE? Worth the “PROBLEMS”?

Agree? Disagree?
_____1)Russia was a “backwards” country of poor, peasant farming “serfs” that served _____
an “autocratic” (all power in one) Czar and Boyar nobility.
It was a “victim” of tyrannical leaders.
The ending of Czarist feudal “tyranny” in 1917 was a good thing. EXPLAIN:

_____ 2)Lenin, the Bolsheviks and their Marxist Revolution was a good thing. There ____
is always a need to eliminate greed and economic “exploitation”. Violent worldwide
revolution is necessary to solve the problem of “have nots” and “haves”.
Redistribution of wealth from the “rich” to the “poor” is a necessary, good and noble goal,
an “idealistic” thing towards building a “utopia” and/or “paradise”. EXPLAIN

_____ 3)Bolshevik rule under Lenin and Stalin was worse than the Czars. The Bolsheviks ____
hypocritically “fooled” Russia, using ideals to END ONE TYRANNY, ONLY TO CREATE
ONE of THEIR OWN. The Revolutionary change made things worse. The “old” tyranny of the Czar, Boyars and serfdom was replaced with a “modern” dictatorship under Lenin and Stalin, the Communist Party, and totalitarian state.

The Bolsheviks were violent, corrupt and elitist.
They maintained a “secret police” that TERRORIZED the people far more than the Czar’s.
Civil war after Bolshevik takeover led to 8 million deaths. Millions were deported and sent to
the Gulag labor camps.
Collectivization, bringing farms under state control, resulted in the
deaths of millions. Communists promise to end “exploitation”, only to “victim-ize” the
people once they get power and control . Marxist revolutionaries like the Bolsheviks are
guilty of “bait and switch” – promising “heaven” on earth, delivering “hell”. EXPLAIN:

____ 4)Stalin did what was necessary to make the Russian Revolution a “success”. _____
He made the Soviet Union into a “superpower” that dominated the world, in a relatively
short amount of time. The only realistic way to do that was to rule with a “steel fist”.
The “ends” justifies the “means”. The “price” (tens of millions dead and imprisoned)
was worth the “progress”. EXPLAIN

____ 5)Stalin was an evil “monster” of the Russian people’s own making. People are ___
often “fooled” by promises of “progress” that ignore the dangers of the problems and price
change could bring. Russians were “fooled” by State’s promises of “utopia” and
“paradise” that resulted in “hell”. Russians “sold their souls to the devil” who “conned”
them with unfulfilled, impossible promises. To make things worse, Russians “fooled”
themselves by participating in “crimes” against themselves. (snitching, imprisoning, killing)
Both Stalin and the Russian people themselves are guilty of the “monstrosity” that became
the Russian Revolution. EXPLAIN: