Democracy sucks! According to the state and district, our school is not performing as well as it needs. Students are abusing their freedom. Something needs to be done about the “chaos” and “crisis” here at
Kennedy High School. We are going to “RE-MAKE” and RADICALLY TRANSFORM our school. No more individuality or “rights”. It’s NOT about what you “WANT”. It’s about what you “need”. You are going to re-make Kennedy into a “totalitarian” state.
All aspects of your lives will be “regulated” towards making Kennedy “GREAT”.
Create a paper size (8.5 x 11) “notebook” that has each of the following:

Our school is in a state of “crisis” that required “re-birth” towards revolutionary “change”. Come up with a NAME, TITLE , SLOGAN , GOAL or OBJECTIVE that inspires Kennedy students to help build our “utopia”. (perfect society) “NEW” is good. “OLD” is bad. We must identify and glorify the goals of our new revolutionary, totalitarian state. Title a “vision” of what our great future will look like.
(e.g. the Nazis sought a 1000 year “Third Reich”, Marxists promise “Worker’s Paradise”; FDR – the “New Deal”; Truman – the “Square Deal”; JFK – The “New Frontier”; Reagan – “Morning in America”; Obama – “Change We Can Believe In”)

All totalitarian states have an all powerful leader. This leader exploits the “Cult of Personality”, where the people almost “worship” the unique and special person capable of leading Kennedy to “greatness.” (like Stalin, Hitler, Mao & Castro were portrayed)
Create a visual representation of our new leader that will almost single-handedly take Kennedy to greatness! NAME your leader. It can be a real/existing or fictional person. Make sure the visual is adequately “WORSHIP-FUL”, illustrating at least THREE QUALITIES that make your leader “great” and followed as our school’s new “savior”.

To create greater spirit and SOLIDARITY for our new great school,
create both a physical and verbal salutation that everyone must use
to salute each other and PROMOTE “TOGETHERNESS” and UNITY of PURPOSE.
(e.g. the Nazi “Sig Heil!”)

4)An EMBLEM Symbols can be powerful in “representing” something. The Nazis used the “swastika”. The Communist Soviets had the hammer and sickle. Create an emblem for the
“new and improved” Kennedy totalitarian state.

In a good totalitarian state, everyone should look the same. (You can’t be “great” if you don’t look great.) Make a visual of Kennedy’s new school uniform. Devise a uniform. (The Nazis wore “brown shirts”. The S.S. wore black shirts. Chairman Mao of China had his infamous “Red Shirts”. Business corporations like McDonalds use them.)

6)”HERO[S]” Fascists are an elite which know what is best for society. They are a select few that are examples for others – the “ideal” student[s]. Make a poster that creates a “hero” here at Kennedy. Identify WHO it is (individual or group) and their “heroic” QUALITY[s) that inspires other students should try to emulate and be like. What have/do they done in the service of making Kennedy “great”?
(e.g. within Hitler’s Nazi Party there was Horst Wessel or the “racially pure” S.S.”;
in Soviet Russia it was the Communist Party; Pavlik Morozov was a national hero for “snitching” on his kulak-helping father; he was “martyred” for his “heroism” to the state )

Someone is to blame for this school not reaching our greatness! It can’t be all of our faults. A single “scapegoat” must be found to place our “collective” sins on. Make a visual that shows which single individual or group here is responsible for ruining and dragging our school down. Make sure it describes why this group is evil and why they must be persecuted or demonized as “enemies of Kennedy.” Put a “Face on the Enemy”. (The Nazis had the Jews; the Soviets had the “Kulaks” and Trotsky-ites) My suggestion: Should we go after skateboarders for ruining our school? What about “Emos”?

Any good totalitarian state needs to “ENFORCE” CONFORMITY. Lenin said no revolution is possible without TERROR. Terror is necessary to achieve the goals and enforce the will and of the totalitarian state. What CONSEQUENCES will happen to those against “PROGRESS”?. Disloyalty must be “weeded” out. (The Nazis had the Gestapo; the Soviets had the Cheka/NKVD/KGB; Mao’s “Red Guard”) Who will police our Kennedy “police state”?
A)Devise a distinct “uniform” for the school police.
B)Nonconformity must have CONSEQUENCES.
How will non-conformity be punished for students that fail to measure up to the new “Kennedy Revolution”? (e.g. the French Guillotine?; Soviet Gulag labor camps; “re-education” camps?)

Everyone is obligated to make Kennedy a better place, a student “paradise.”
Make a visual that shows students demonstrating at least ONE THING they must DO to
SERVE the KENNEDY STATE. It should reflect the revolutionary needs of the collective.
It can be “negative” or “positive”, rewarding those for service to the state.
It can be anything from “snitching” to recycling. Do your best to inspire students to
DO something SPECIFIC to bring “progress” to our “utopia”.

Recruitment of youth is necessary for our revolutionary future. Create an RECRUITMENT – INITIATION activity for incoming freshmen, It should make them feel “special” and reflect our revolutionary goals. You might make up a recruitment POSTER that attracts and assimilates newcomers into our totalitarian state. (e.g. – the “Hitler Youth” got a gift knife and went on camping trips)