Put the following in CHRONOLOGICAL order.

A)In jail, Hitler writes a book called, Mein Kampf, (My Struggle). It stresses two things – Nationalism and Racism. The “German/Aryan” peoples arecalled a “master race” destined to rule the world.

B)The Nationalist Socialist German Workers Party (NAZIS), led by Adolph Hitler, gain popularity by attacking the Versailles and Weimar government.

C)The Treaty of Versailles ending “The Great War” embitters many Germans.

D)German extremists (communists and conservative) share a contempt for the Weimar government. Many Germans feel democracy is a weak and ineffective form of government.

E)In January 1933, powerful interests make Hitler Chancellor (leader) of Germany, thinking they can use him to further their own self-interests.

F)The NAZIS use economic depression, Hitler’s strong leadership and a promise to “rebuild” Germany to “it’s rightful place” by eliminating “harmful” groups within Germany (Jews and Communists, among others) to become the strongest political party in Germany.

G)After the Great War, the German National Assembly adopts a democratic, republican Constitution. The “new” Germany is called the WEIMAR REPUBLIC.

H)Hitler uses his undisputed power in government to eliminate any opposition to his rule.

I)In the fall of 1929, a disastrous economic depression hits Germany. Massive unemployment creates unrest and distress.

J)In 1923, the NAZIS try to overthrow the government of the German state of Bavaria. (the so-called “Beer Hall Putsch”) They fail and Hitler is thrown in jail.

K)Hitler eventually becomes the undisputed leader of the German government.