10-5 WW I – The Treaty of VERSAILLES

The goal of the Versailles Treaty makers was to ensure future peace and security after the horror of World War One. Was the treaty successful?
Did the “WAR to END all wars” end with a TREATY to START all future wars”?

Agree? Disagree?
_____ 1)FRANCE was the most “VICTIMized” nation of the war.
It was invaded by the Germans. Most of the fighting on the western front took place in France,
leading to mass destruction and French deaths – half of its population aged 18 to 35 was killed.
Briefly explain:

____ 2)GERMANY was a “VICTIM” of the Versailles Treaty.
They did the “honorable” by offering to the end the fighting, only to be “humiliated” and “betrayed”
by an unjust peace terms from the “vengeful” Allies,
taking sole blame for causing the war and suffering financial hardship through paying reparations “
Briefly Explain:

_____ 3)The United States was a “victim” of the war. They played no part in helping to
start the war, but helped and sacrificed (120,000 dead) to END a “European” War.
The French and British then SABOTAGED American attempts to create an “equitable” peace. Briefly explain:

___4)France was right in demanding “REVENGE”. Germans were “warmongers” who had
invaded France through neutral Belgium. They should take the major share of the blame for the war.
Asking for reparations (financial payments for war damages) and seeking
to weaken Germany so it could not threaten future French security was natural. (“an eye for an eye”)
Briefly explain:

___ 5)The French and British were foolish to not to listen to U.S. President Wilson’s
Fourteen Points for an “EQUITABLE” PEACE agreement that would lead to “PEACE WITHOUT VICTORY”
The Allies could have “turned the other cheek” towards future peace.
Instead, their vengeful “eye for an eye” continued the “cycle of violence.”
ALL nations played a role in starting the war.
Singling out the Germans for blame and guilt resulted in their resentment and another future war.
Briefly explain:

___ 6)Wilson’s IDEALISM and plan for “collective security” to prevent future wars was
unrealistic, utopian “wishful thinking”.
Nations almost always do what’s in their own selfish, best interests.
Expecting individual nations to sacrifice their self-interests for the well being of the international “whole” is DELUSIONAL.
Briefly explain:

_____ 7)The U.S. Senate’s rejection of American participation in the League of Nations
was wise. “ENTANGLING” international alliances (what CAUSED the “Great War”) would “DRAG”
the U.S. into ANOTHER European war.
“ISOLATION” from foreign affairs made PRUDENT SENSE.
Briefly explain:

____ 8)NATIONALISM is a GOOD thing. It provides “the people” with self-government,
“rights”, wealth, unity, protection and pride.
A “nation”, a mass “polis”, produces MASS BENEFITS for the great majority.
The tragic reality is that nations PROTECT its inhabitants FROM OTHER NATIONS.
For example, Wilson’s “self-determination” led to the creation of many new, I
ndependent nations that freed people’s from “tyrannical” imperialism”,
domination of one nation by another. Briefly explain:

____9)NATIONALISM is a BAD thing. It leads to INTERNATIONAL rivalry, conflict and division.
After the BIG-HUGE war ended, breaking up the BIG tyrannical Austrian and Ottoman Turk empires
resulted in “CHAOS” – to many MORE, NEVER-ENDING “SMALL” wars of nationalism. (e.g. Arab-Israeli Conflict, Vietnam, Balkans, Iraq)

Lastly, nationalism in the form of GOVERNMENT is more likely to “OPPRESS” its OWN “people”
than anything else. “All politics is local” – DICTATORSHIP is generally “DOMESTIC”.
ANY concentration of POWER CORRUPTS>

____ 10)American President Wilson’s idea of “COLLECTIVE SECURITY” and U.S. involvement
in world affairs was ULTIMATELY RIGHT. Post war American ISOLATIONISM would not stop the U.S.
from getting involved in another European “world” war.
The U.S. would help create and join the “GLOBALIST” United Nations
after involvement in another “world war.”
The United Nations became an INTERNATIONAL “POLICEMAN” of the WORLD.
Briefly explain:

_____11)The UNITED NATIONS’ ability to provide “collective security”
that prevents wars is an ineffective JOKE.
U.N. officials are CORRUPT and INCOMPETENT just like that of individual nations.
Nations usually IGNORE the U.N. and ultimately do what is THEIR OWN best interests.
Briefly explain

12)Are wars PREVENTABLE? (stop-able if nations do the “right” and “reasonable” thing)
OR are they “INEVITABLE”? (going to happen regardless, one war “MORPHING” into the NEXT))
Briefly explain.