Agree? Disagree?
____ 1)Nationalism is a GOOD thing. Nations provide “the people” with self-government,  protects “rights”, creates wealth, and brings social unity and pride.

A “nation”, a mass “polis”, produces mass benefits for the great majority.

For example, Wilson’s “self-determination” led to the creation of many new, independent nations that freed people’s from “tyrannical” imperialism”, domination of one nation by another.Briefly explain:

____2)Nationalism is a BAD thing. It leads to international rivalry, conflict and division.

For example, breaking up the “tyrannical” Austrian and Ottoman Turk empires resulted in “chaos” – to many more “smaller” wars of nationalism. (e.g. Arab-Israeli Conflict, Vietnam, Balkans, Iraq) Briefly Explain:

__3)The German nation was “humiliated” and unfairly wronged at Versailles.

They were justified in electing a leader that led them to “rise up” in “revenge” and defiance of Versailles by re-arming and strengthening a “great”, new German “Third Reich” Briefly Explain:

___4)The Germans became “victims” of their quest for national “greatness”.

Hitler and the Nazis led and used the Germans to create an “Aryan” Empire, which ultimately resulted in their destruction.

The German “nation” acted hypocritically, feeling “humiliated” by Versailles, yet reacting with genocidal “arrogance” in their attempt to create a world-wide empire. Explain:

___5)The creation of a southern, “Slavic” nation, “YUGOSLAVIA”, was “PROGRESS”.

These Slavic peoples had been dominated by foreign “oppressors”.

Slavic nationalism resulted in self-rule, national independence and unity. Briefly Explain:

___6)The nation of “YUGOSLAVIA” ended up being a “DISASTER”.

It broke up in 1991 in CIVIL WARS of nationalism. Slavs killed OTHER Slavs, victimizing each other with “ETHNIC CLEANSING” and GENOCIDE. Slavic nationalism resulted in insane self-destruction. Briefly Explain:

___7)The demise of the “TYRANNY” of the OTTOMAN TURK EMPIRE was good for the Middle East.

Independent Arab nations were created after years of fighting Turkish “tyranny”. Briefly explain.

___8)The breakup of Ottoman Turk created “CHAOS”, creating INNUMERABLE WARS between Arabs and Jews and Arabs against other Arabs.

Arabs are their own worst enemy. Briefly explain.

___9)The creation of a JEWISH HOMELAND created the “MESS” that is the Middle East. 

The state of ISRAEL is the “PROBLEM”, wrongly established at the expense of a Palestinian Arab nation. Briefly explain.

___10)People who obsessively hate the Jews and Israel (“JIHAD”) are the PROBLEM in the Middle East.

A Jewish and Palestinians SHOULD be able to “CO-EXIST”.

A small nation the size of New Jersey with 6 million Jews should not be considered such a threat and source of hate and target of “jihad” and terrorism.
If the Arabs surrendered their guns, their would be PEACE. If the Jews surrendered their guns, their would be GENOCIDE.

___11)SADDAM HUSSEIN and his goal of pan-Arab NATIONALISM and IMPERIAL DOMINATION were a  MENACE to both other Arabs, (e.g. Kuwait), the Middle East region (e.g. Saudi Arabia, Iran) and the entire world. (the potential for “weapons of mass destruction”)

It was a NECESSARY “EVIL” to stop Iraq’s expansion (Gulf War I) and ultimately eliminate Saddam from power and try to “nation-build” a peaceful and “prosperous” Iraq. (Gulf War II) This is to everyone’s benefit.

___12)The invasion of Iraq and attempt at “NATION BUILDING” was/is WRONG, COSTLY and FOOLISH.

___13)Revolutionary IRAN is right to hate the U.S., which supported a “tyrannical” Shah until his overthrow in 1979.

The U.S. is the “PROBLEM” in the Middle East and the world, and deserves to be called the “GREAT SATAN”. Briefly explain.

___14)Revolutionary IRAN is a tyrannical state, run by incompetent, GENOCIDAL MANIACS who EXPORT ISLAMIC TERROR around the world.

They are part of the AXIS of EVIL that can NEVER be “APPEASED”. They “promise” the destruction of Israel and the U.S. Allowing them to get nuclear weapons would be a DISASTER. Briefly explain.

___15)Al Qaeda is correct to consider the U.S. an “OPPRESSOR” of the Muslim world.

Their goal of restoring a unified, Islamic “Caliphate” ruled by “Sharia” law would be good for the Muslim world. Briefly explain.

___16)The U.S. has in fact be a “PROTECTOR” Muslims around the world. (Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan)

The U.S. is “SCAPEGOATED” by the Muslim world – the “reality” is that MUSLIMS KILL/”OPPRESS” the MOST Muslims.

Al Qaeda/ISIS/the Taliban are a dangerous menace to the world, promising world domination and supremacy. “JIHAD” and TERRORISM are their brutal and intolerant “versions” of Islam that are not even accepted by most other Muslims.

___17)Ho Chi Minh was a FREEDOM FIGHTER who helped VIETNAM gain national INDEPENDENCE and “UNIFICATION”, freeing VIETNAM from centuries of foreign “imperialism” and domination. (China, France, U.S.)

__18)Ho Chi Minh was a MASS MURDERING TYRANT, responsible for the death of millions of  Vietnamese.

He was a WAR-MONGERING HYPOCRITE who invaded South Vietnam to spread COMMUNIST “IMPERIALISM”.

More people died AFTER the U.S. left in 1973 than during the entire war.

Communism in Cambodia led to genocide – 1.5 Cambodians killed by their own. Communist unification of Vietnam in 1975 was a DISASTER. Millions of “Boat People” fled a politically REPRESSIVE and economically POOR nation to find “refuge” in the U.S.

___19)JAPAN did not receive the “RESPECT” they deserved from their ally the West at Versailles.

The WEST was “RACIST” by not accepting the principle of the “equality of all races”.

___20)JAPAN was HYPOCRITICAL regarding “VICTIMIZATION”. They proceeded to conquer much of Asia and establish an empire.

“RACIST” Japan brutally “DISRESPECTED” their fellow Asians, especially China.

___21)INDIAN national independence (1947) was a positive development, done “peacefully” after reneged promises from Britain.

Today, India is the world’s largest democracy. Explain.

___22)Nationalism in INDIA resulted in CHAOS and MASS DESTRUCTION. Muslim Indians created their own nation – PAKISTAN.

Chaos and violence erupted as a result.

Gandhi was assassinated by a Hindu who considered Gandhi a “traitor” to India.

Conflict and tensions between India and Pakistan, both nuclear powers, is a source of danger and concern today.

War ensued when “East Pakistan” broke away to become independent Bangladesh. Tamils and Sinhalese fought a 30 year civil war (1983-2019) on the island of Sri Lanka. Tamils have assassinated Indian leaders. Explain: