1 – Titles; Open
Song; Pandey brought to gallows to be hung
2 – Afghanistan 8.15
Brits-Indians fight; Pandey saves Gordon’s life
3 – Calcutta, 1856 12.32
New Year’s costume party; toast to British rule and “civilization”; drink spilled by Indian
waiter on British woman; Hewson beats waiter for touching woman
4 – Issue of New Rifles 18.19
New Enfield rifles; British “exploitation” ; Indian nurse maid is dry; husband chastises her;
gives infant opium to quiet him
5 – Wrestling Match 20.55
Pandey and Gordon wrestle and argue over response to beating incident; reconciliation; get
drunk together ; play practical joke on Hewson and horse
6 – New Cartridges 26.28
Pandey encounters Untouchable; calls him a “dog”; Pandy told of animal grease on rifle
bullet cartridges; Pandey voices concern to British officer over greased bullet cartridges;
Sepoys are told cartridge “rumors” is untrue
7 – Tokey Tokey Song 1 29.17
Indian prosperity; we’ve got everything anybody wants, but its for sale
8 – At the Kotha 32.28
Heera bought at slave auction; brought to bordello; told who is “boss” by Lol Bibi, woman
brothel owner
9 – Opium Connection 33.46
Scotsman Gordon insulted by English “elite” at party; Emily Kent questions use of
poppies; Gordon tells her of opium trade with Chinese; Company wealth built on “dirty”
drug trade, war & exploitation
10 – Cartridges exposed 36.55
Arms wagon breaks, dogs lick bullet cartridges; cartridge loading demonstrated
Gordon ordered to tell Sepoys of “clean” cartridges; Pandey volunteers to demonstrate
11 – The Argument 42.27
Indians argue; Pandey gives Gordon-Brits benefit of the doubt; vows Company will “burn”
if his trust is betrayed
12 – Sati Rescue 44.50
Gordon & Pandey save Indian widow from fire; taken to Gordon, who meets with tribal
chief; threats exchanged; Gordon threatens to shoot Chief if harm done
13 – Warehouse Raid 51.25
Illegal opium captured; Lockwood offered “gift”; refuses “bribe” of gold
14 – The Warning 52.58
Village burned as punishment for “illegal” selling of opium, breaking company
monopoly; Sepoys shoot Indian villagers; Pandey-Gordon discuss “morality” of war
15 – Main Vari Vari Song 2 56.24
Prostitutes singing and dancing in bordello – slaves to passion, exploitation
16 – Heera’s Rescue 1:00.48
Hewson takes Heera “out of turn”; Pandey fights Hewson; Gordon saves Pandey
17 – Investigation 1:07.14
Lockwood accuses Kent of opium smuggling, warned of “reverberations”
18 – Captain Gordon attacked 1:08.27
attack by Indians who want “sati” girl back; Gordon fights them off
19 – Terrace Rendezous 1:10.25
Pandey and Heera meet
20 – Rasiya Song 3 1:14.17
Cruelty-“betrayal” of love: Mangal and Heera; Gordon and rescued Sati woman
21 – Truth Revealed 1:18.48
Cartridge factory observed; Pandey confronts Gordon over loss of caste
22 – Behrampore 1857 1:23.51
British officers debate over cartridges; one officer “volunteers” his regiment to
introduce cartridge as example
23 – Sparks of Uprising 1:27.07
Parade ground challenge; Pandey steps in front of cannon
24 – Captain Gordon’s Caution 1:33.41
Gordon talks to Company Officers; warns of damage to the company
25 – Captain Gordon’s Plea 1:35.42
Gordon talks to Pandey and Indians; warns them of company “honor” and obligations
26 – Al Maddath Song 4 1:38.07
Mangal our messiah, lead us to hope
27 – Joining Hands 1:40.40
28 – Holi Re Song 5 1:45.25
Hippie colors; “romantic” rebellion; no one can hold us back; let us enjoy this moment
29 – Calling Rangoon 1:50.05
British reinforcements

30 – Change of Strategies 1:50.42 SKIP TO CHAPTER #31
Abuse and torture scenes to get information on attack
SEX SCENE (no nudity) brief 2-3 seconds between rich British couple
British torture Indian to get information on rebellion

31 – The Rising 1:56.42
British navy shows up;
32 – Mangal Mangal Song 6 2:06.39
Mangal our saviour
33 – Do or Die !!! 2:08.35
“debate” over decision to fight; Rangoon regiment crushes revolt
34 – Court Martial 2:12.19
Refusal to “defend” himself
35 – Prison Vows 2:15.38
Mangal meets with Heera
36 – The Execution 2:17.55
Hanging sparks rebellion; titles at end
37 – Credits END 2:23.24